Today there was suddenly a bunch of Showers!
Of all pretty colorful Flowers,
I thought it was breeze and there was rain,
They flew all over the way to drain my pain!!

I thought it was night & I had a DREAM!
I got up and was about to scream,
Oh!No “IT wasnt a dream!”neither were they REAL!
was it my mind playing tricks..Colors,flowers,glitters in a SEAL!!

I wandered in the corridor searching for the reason!
Couldnt find them and was awestruck as it’s not the spring SEASON.
All of a sudden everything seemed to be calm!
My series of thoughts broke and in my mind there was a JAM!

Aargh!!Now I recollect..It was just a jiffy of memory of GOOD olD Days!
Made me happy and seemed to be almost true in many ways!

The flowers, butterflies in the school Ground!
The fearful run in the street due to a monkey or a Black HOUND,
The hide and seek played under the Moon-Lit sky!
The one rupee sweet paapad or the colorful ICe candy and the
kites flown so high!!
Made freinds for life but had to lose them so soon,
A moment of sorrow! A moment of SIGH!!

The day came when we scored marks, ranks , reached targets —met the parents aspirations!
The present day, I can see colorful cubicles, black monitors, seminars and presentations,
Day to day deliverables, Mechanical relations benches replaced by Push back Chairs!
eMAILS replaced In-Land letters and elevators replaced SchoolSTAIRS!!

I wont wish for the time to go BACK!

A blur of colors in my mind!
Just coz of a single REWIND,
I would always welcome the memories back!
If it rejuvenates me and I can happily run again on the LIFE TRACK!!
——–By Afshan——————–

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