For Mumbai Martyrs & for all Indians!!

For Mumbai Martyrs & for all Indians!!

Your motive is insane, you worship the DEMON ,
I worship my GOD and have a sermon!
You are ruling now sitting on an evil throne,
I pray my god who is still a stone!!
U made my country “the war Zone”
I plead my god in a helpless tone!!
U made the green mother land terror prone,
He is watching u celebrate and I moan!!!!
Your ambition is just to slain,
I am in anguish, please feel my pain!!
You want justice which is in vain,
I want peace and only peace and violence to drain!!!
—peace be upon who are brutally killed—
****stay united and pray for peace****
Salute to the REAL HEROES who sacrificed their lives in this massacre


10 thoughts on “For Mumbai Martyrs & for all Indians!!

  1. why such a serious concern for Delhi??….everything will be washed away from our memories one day;then we will not shed tears anymore…there are thousands and thousands of people dying in the country in accidents,by suicide and so on…why we never turned back to save them?…why we always acted that we were blind to such issues??

  2. my dear Zenana!!if i wrote the spelling write…….ppl who commit suicide hav done on their own not BRUTALLY KILLED!!accident is ACCIDENT……….NOT done purposely!!am not telling they R LESS SAD!!IT WAS MY SADNESS EXPRESSED IN MY WORDS FOR WHO R SLAINED WITH OUT ANY OBJECTIVE………if u dont feel pain abt them i cant help u………….take care!cheersu shud tell me how to turn back and save the people??????and by the way refresh the news ur reading once its not in delhi its in MUMBAI!

  3. I know it’s in mumbai;that was a mistake if u could forgive..all I wanted to ask was that how long will you keep on lamenting over their fate…time will wipe off everything…do you think the whole point of anticipation is because we are sorry about what happened to them…no,I don’t believe so…deep inside our heart,we are scared of our life;our dear ones life…we are not really worried about what happened to those strangers who were shot and killed….

  4. well,people who committed suicide are not brutally killed….????…uh,I don’t believe in that argument…how a man could suddenly wake up from his slumber and suicide as if it’s a kind of enlightenment that happened so suddenly…each one of us are responsible for it….

  5. but a man cant imagine in his wildest dreams That he is going to be Slaughtered like that………..YA defntly fear will b ther…..and i feel sorry as i was being helpless…….ITS MY FEELING!!I know u also feel the painand ur disturbed………WE R NOT REALLY WORRIED?y do u say it in plural…may b ur real worry is not that 😦 but m worried…..i felt bad and mad…..

  6. and coming to the suicide thing its entirely different Y ru comparing this and that……i feel som thing has disturbed u lot……..ppl who commit suicide have to think for a min b4 they do that…life is not smooth NEVER its just worth it…THey r committing a crime….and thats a different context pls dont argue it here..AND FINAL NOTE YES I FEEL SAD ABOUT WAT HAPPENED TO THE STRANGERS AND YES I FEAR IT CAN HAPPEN EVEN TO US!take care zenana ..wer ru froM? by the way:)nys talkin to u

  7. M not kidding but even these six letters seem impressive to me!! neways ur wish how u introduce ur self! visited ur blog …i guess 2 3 r there 😮 which one do u write freqly???NEways i appreciate ur thinking And emotions embedded in u….ther r very few ppl like U! kudos…

  8. the other two are not my blogs,dear afshaan…those are somebody’s blog which i like so much….my blog is ‘a call to the forbidden’hope ur days are good 🙂zen

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