signs and GOD’s Science!!!

I was born in aries!

I heard it’s when god created humans from fairies,

God used his magic wand and gave me twinkling eyes!

Made me believe He will take care of all my worries!!

Taurus likes good fight

Fight for what they want!

God told them you are one of a kind,

Be strong but not very to leave anyone and everyone behind!!

God filled love in a Gemini’s heart,

Asked to share it with every one without moving apart !

Forget forgive and lend heartful smiles,

Makes you God reduces the miles!!

Cancer Leo are the stronger lot,

Stars made beings of all sort !!

Random they are but creative and passionate!

Simple they are and at times Ornate !!!

Virgo Libra and Scorpio are a part of this culture,

All are the star signs with different traits!

Genes load the behavior but environment triggers,

Stars decide our features but not the Future!!

Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces,

All are Gods people not different races!

The soul poured in is same though various faces!!

Stars up above the world so high form all these signs,

Below the shining stars we love each other under god’s science!!

—————-By afshan—————

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