Soft Chaos!!

Day to day I face many situations at office a software MNC where I feel either people are being too emotional or showing irritable reactions which are senseless and baseless so this post goes titled Soft chaos!

Scenario 1:

WORKPLACE: X took up a new task of documenting some thing.Some software companies are more famous for documents rather than the actual programming code !!! She wanted to get confirmed if the template she was using is correct one or she pinged her lead to ask — “Is this the right one to use”…His lead replied not in one sentence but in a long paragraph “SEE X from the past few observations in this project…Its not advisable at all that You ask such silly doubts and clarifications!! Rather than bugging people beyond limits!! Just explore your self and decide…It is good for your career also !! “

X shell shocked to L (THE LEAD!!) : when did I bug you beyond limits?

L : From day 1 every day every minute

X already getting irritable by this unexpected reaction : “FROM DAY 1 You were always hyper or irritated when ever I ask a doubt big or small…How can you say I am bugging beyond limits”

L : it is bugging X…its for your future only am suggesting. Its not acceptable to ask questions at all …you gotta explore…learn your self!

X:in mind (What the F!? How the hell will i learn a new thing which can be clarified only by asking. There is no DOCTRINE published on Our project !!) ….:I will make it sure I wont bug U!”

L: thanks a lot !!!

WHAT THE HUCK!? Does L hav the huck to DEMOTIVATE X like this. ..and Y did L react like that…did he get a good bashing at home from his wife or by nature he is like that –>a hyper idiot ?!

IT didn’t stop there… X made the document out of rage sooner than she is supposed to..unfortunately L reviews it with 100s of review comments…EVEN THAT IS FINE!!!but after incorporating comments….Poor X who for the first time doing this work hesitating to ask doubts ….sent across to some people who are supposed to review(final) but L shouts again rather barks “…ALL THESE ARE SILLY THINGS MADAM!! ” You have to double check before sending to review !

This is wrong ..this is right…oh how stupid to do this?!! Like this the day went onnnnnnnn and on….till X felt real feverish and felt like banging L’s head with a huge hammer

X replied : I did my level best and am about to submit to the other team …..They have no problem..They have reviewed and it’s approved also..!!! whats the big fuss You are CREATING!!

DO u think X REALLY SAID THE ABOVE lines…no she just thought she could have told, but nah !!! X always hesitates, stays polite thinking twice before acting….whether to do that or not. The result of pressure X took and politeness she showed is lot of stress and out burst of anger on friends and other people!

X finally retorted saying just : “Why are you making it a big thing !monitoring only me The document is already approved “ am leaving!

L shuts up!! But how many L’s big mouths can we shut…obviously we tend to bark like them and the situation goes off handle. No peace at work!

HOW SICK OF L!!!!does he deserve commanding people

MARK MY WORDS::::: L is not so very genius….his English is crap…like butler English..even butlers add little style

Scenario 2:

Girls Rest Room !! A big conglomeration of all people who get ready for ever and occupy the whole space in front of mirror!!people who have glossy lips make it even glossier and thick hair flaunt it using the comb …combing it say for ages….Lets say a girl named pinky with bushy curly hair like our Hermione granger comes dialy to rest room..she needs 1hr on an average to get ready…YUP she is all welcome to do that but only when there is no crowd of girls waiting in queue in front of the large rectangular mirror . The platform supporting basin is occupied with her bags , scarf, face wash , lip gloss , chewing gum , loose motion tabs what not!….but does she give a damn ….NO!! after flaunting her thick bushy hair making few jealous around her…and using our beloved mirror for nearly 45min she leaves …Till then her cronies stay left and right to her making it impossible for others to stand infront of her or even just behind her..Even if you say excuse me cronies give a narrow passage for you to fit in but they keep GAPING At you….oh My GAWDS!! Gaping like a owl.,…..I feel all my soul is being sucked in like a dementor does in harry potter

Poor lady who got the chance to comb her hair, hurrily finishes it off and leaves in 5min !! Pcchh

Now whats the solution for this!!

PS: Sorry I was reading harry potter continously these days…so this intervention of potterJ :)and am also irritated so this much of harshness

Scenario 3:

Food courts….People waiting in queues in FC’s and others happily munching the food…as if the other one is wearing an invisibility cloak (oops sorry for intervention of potter again;))……I saw hoards of people discussing and discussing even after their plate gets emptied….Some have sense to leave when you ask them politely or you have glare at them!! coz few people don’t understand politeness!! When you ask some people..can you please give the chairs..we are standing from long..They look at You as if you are stealing their property from them!! Anyway by hook or by crook u grab the chairs but IRRITATION yeah we never miss irritation and outburst from 2 sides even here.

Are these people eating like pigs at the tables licking their empty plates are real pigs and god decided at the last moment….to turn them to humans !why do people sit happy and leisurely when the other is rushing..and when they rush they don’t even bother thinking about others..People who overtake you in a queue at bag checking and at all possible places where there is queue system. !! You have to back off..yes they are in hurry!!you have all the time in the world!

Scenario 4:

The GYM!….For People using the LOCKER rooms as their personal ROOM:—…We are not so rich in our company to have a personal room for every one who comes to gym and do the Gym and for some who simply come for time pass to gape at boys/girls or just dream of doing a work out…when will people understand that there are bathrooms and changing rooms aside…where you can change but not lock the COMMON Locker room for gods sake They change…shower the whole body with a perfume having strong fragrance then open the doors!! I sneeze atleast for 5 times when i enter the fragrance filled rooms. YOU CAN CHANGE when there’s no one waiting or no one around…There’s no hard and fast RULE that you shouldn’t change but when some like watch dogs have to keep watching when the door will open and when they can go inside and get their stuff…it gets really irritating…coz time is precious for all…every one has to catch bus!! And if You are free to change clothes hiding behind lockers…we get embarrassed to sneak in to room and with half shut eyes run out as fastly as we got inside….PHEW!!!….we are not at all interested in watching open mouthed at your nude / semi nude slim body line. We are normal…and attracted to boys ..not to girls!we are not lesbians..So please change clothes in the rooms aside but not in the common room for all

Scenario 5 :

And Irritation of our bus drivers… …bus drivers (FEW) actually bark at the passengers..If they ask to stop or request for some thing….NO POLITENESS …no proper answer…we face the irritable nature of our leads…equals.,…and even drivers!! And inturn get irritable too…I have seen a driver shouting at a girl who doesn’t understand the language spoken here that “ Do you own the bus to ask me to stop at the mall u want to shop” That girl asked politely to stop…and its not on dialy basis…I was shocked…I wanted to ask..but I was sitting in the back seat….when I was getting down…I asked “ cant u stop for a while when some one requests” !! he told…RULE MADAM RULE…You go and complaint to any one..I don’t care…I HAD TO SHUT UP!!

Every one can show rudeness!! Showing rudeness is easy

But being polite is tough..

Being polite has pleasant reactions in return…but being rude spoils the situation…but what can we do if many get rude…we have no option left getting rude in response

Like in Munna bhai (lage raho) Munna says

“Gandhiji ne kaha ek gaal pe thappad koi maarega to doosra gaal dikhao par doosre gaal pe mare to kya karna hai ye nai bataya 😛 😛 “ he says so and bangs the person who beats him

But Gandhi even says in the movie “ The easiest part is venting out your anger and irritation but toughest and strongest part is COMING BACK ….Admitting your mistake or rudeness and saying sorry !!” Not sure if many do that

That’s all friends!! Don’t want to dump more and more scenarios here;) Replies are most welcome

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