The Muggle Traffic :-)

How I wish We were not muggles but were of magical blood and knew few magical tricks like flying on the broom, using floo powder to travel or learn apparition etc etc to travel from one place to another rather than using these heavy vehicles which leave jets of smoke and spoil the green earth. For those who are pure muggles (NON magical folks) and those who never read harrypotter flying, flooo powder are all the techniques in harry potter which magicians use to travel from one place to another. Atleast a flying car a motorbike with wings will do. But alas these fastest easiest and pollution free magical techniques are just fantasies …Its not medieval age either to have chariots driven by horses or use animal transport which is pollution free and deadly slow. In this quick and fast modes of life to have pollution and traffic free travels..few techniques which came to my mind..rather few amendments to the actually existing techniques are like below

Staying in Hyderabad i daily witness the terrific traffic jam in many areas. Especially when it rains you can see torrents of water running through gutters resembling a river with high currents !i was stuck in a traffic recently from 8 PM to 11 PM in night which is actually a 45min long drive. TRAFFIC JAM is the biggest challenge in most of the cities in india. Neither the fly overs nor the traffic police are able to resolve it and they are not able to control the people who never bother to follow traffic rules. Few measures which can reduce the over flowing traffic are like below. Some can be implemented as pollution preventing green initiatives ...and Some have just come as a thought to my crazy TRAFFIC BOTHERED brain so please bear with it
· First and foremost idea is car pooling or car sharing. This actually is not an innovating technology or amendment to the existing but i just wanna state it here as its a great initiative started by many folks here in the city. Especially its useful when many start in a company simultaneously. Instead of a single person driving an individual car if 4-5 people travel in the same car, the traffic jam and the pollution level can be immensely reduced and if there is a jam it would be interesting to have a neighbour rather than having long mobile convo while driving which may again lead to a fine of some 500/-
A cable car or a rope car usage in which the journey is actually with the help of Ariel from one place to another. Cable cars are used in countries like Italy and places like Singapore also as a major transport . Well the cost of maintenance and the arrangement of harbours for this means of transport is definitely a herculean task in countries like india. I don’t know the feasibility of the implementation of this idea but i definitely feel it can reduce the traffic and pollution too
and now this very option is for the Rich CEOS of india who actually own a charter flight and use the same every time they travel in the our mukesh ambani. People who can afford to buy helicopters or travelling in them can actually use them trying to reduce the traffic down on the roads 🙂 Air traffic is not a major problem till date. We never know how it will be if the usage increases!!
Sub- ways : i always feel sub ways can help a lot along with fly overs in diverting and controlling the traffic.If there is a possibility of constructing as many sub ways (underground roads) as there are fly overs then we can divert and control traffic to some extent. The subways should atleast be there connecting the HEAVY TRAFFIC prone areas of the city where atleast heavy vehicles can divert and save the jam
Metro rail is already started in india in places like delhi. I hope many more metro rails come in operation even in places like hyd and a hard and fast rule should be started that on so and so road (where there are frequent jams) public should use the rail to reach their destination but not their own vehicles or bikes. I hope it cant be implemented over night but hoping to see such rule to be followed by atleast 50% of population who care about mother earth!
· There is one more crazy idea which i got actually after watching a vedio on You tube which am sharing here with you . How cool it will be if some one has to do a water slide just to jump in to the swimming pool at their home just like in the vedio below using a long pipe line ;). A slide filled with fun which will even burn your calories which other wise you wont do in your mundane day long stationary job where physical movement is 0. I loved this craziest idea but for implementing it you first need to have a rich home with a swimming pool :-)so its a open question if this can actually happen 😛 :P!! Njoy the vedio below frnds!

And the crazy ideas like flying motor bikes , brooms or flying carpets and travelling through chimneys go on in my head when ever am stuck in traffic jam and when ever I see 3-4 fat innovas Fighting to overtake in the midst of heavy traffic
Hoping to see atleast one feasible idea to be implemented like the rope cars or sub ways and traffic is controlled and inturn the pollution and greenery is retained on earth !!
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11 thoughts on “The Muggle Traffic :-)

  1. hehe.. came out of different ideas..the metros have to be spread out further..than the current is good for people and environment also..

    but one thing have to accept..if u can drive in hyderabad..u can drive anywhere 😛

  2. @unknown : yeah many tell the same
    driving in hyd will make u patient, intelligent , and u can gain expertise to drive any wer on the globe
    THANks to read and comment!

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