Boom Boom Robo Ra Robo Ra—ROBO–My Take!!

Boom Boom Robo Ra Robo ra!!!

Yep finally watched it–> ROBO!:)

A meager review will be less to describe the whole movie..One must watch this full on entertaining movie of the year 2010 for sure! Rajini in completely new form and seemed to be very fit to me….Aish was beautiful as always but her age showed up and though rajni —aish pair was not that fascinating ….it was not worst either….palatable taken the fact that rajni is so fit at the age of 61 😮 ! younger heroes should learn from him (taken some of them who make feeble attempts of dancing with huge body and tucked in lose tummy )…. His dance though filled with camera tricks here and there was so appealing….that I felt like …tapping my feet and dancing in the theatre at the song Boom Boom Robo ra!! Robo ra …the beginning note was no less than any superhit English dance floor shaking pop song ….unintentionally I remembered some Britney spears song (am not well versed with English albums :P) Hats off to Rahman… There is intervention of robo in every song and all the lyrics…which made sense even with not so melodious lyrics….Chitti the Robo — seemed to be made of rajini by rajini and for rajni !!!…The movie starts straight away with vaseegaran the scientist making this robo with “ O mara manishi “ as title song…which gripped the audience’s enthu from the very start……There were few not so funny scenes …like the mosquito mode also working in a robo !! and he talking to mosquitoes….i smiled at that…as its just a step ahead of thelogic movie was sticking to !:) Yes the movie is LOGICAL… seems even in robotics research its revealed that if u wanna teach robo Human feelings U gotta make him sit and take lessons like vaseegar did in the movie !The linkage of scenes is awesome like why he feels the need to teach him the emotions and feelings…and how a Robo which almost mimics a human becomes dangerous when it starts thinking Like human…The last half hr of the movie is so gripping taking indian cinema to an international level. I remembered “Spider man “ when The robot saving the people in a fire accident jumps on to a window….but mark my words…its not at all a copy of it..even in the end I felt its going to be a spider man…Bora (DAny )making a BAD ROBOT and both fighting with each other..but the twist is unexpected…..Now 100 robots making a army and fighting against the scientist for sana is the A-1 chunk of the movie! Rajni came back to his style in this part of the
movie where he shouts mockingly “Rawwwwwwwwwwbo” to Aishwarya !:) whoaaaaaaa I loved rajni here…I was never an ardent fan of rajini but I guess I loved him in this movie with out any doubt…..

One more awesome scene is rajini holding all the guns and shooting at the police shouting “ HAPPY DIWALI FOLKS” I almost clapped in the theatre laughing

Meeehhhh Black sheep scene.would be my Most fav scene (

watch the movie to know more!)

Vaseegar (scientist)

He is a super genius scientist who makes the fastest thinking robot with huge memory . and his mom names him chitti ..i felt it funny but the name seemed so cute as the movie moved on… Vaseegar is just a intelligent man who is not so brave …So immersed in his work that he doesn’t pay attention to his lover’s calls, sms and so on…passionate to make robots like chitti and serve Indian army….Neelo valape song was nice though exact translation of lyrics seemed little confusing..

Bora (dany) is the bad man who wants to undermine vaseegar. The frustrated vaseegar thinks of ending chitti but consequences are different which are worth watching rather than revealing here

Chitti The Robot

Obviously The heart of the story . The Awesome Robo chitti who is taught even human feelings and emotions starts loving …the beautiful sana….The robot surpasses vaseegar saying he can sacrifice sana …when vaseegar suggests him to forget her…and the dialogues were so rocking when he is taken for AIRD evaluation . He tells to the army officers” don’t have fights! Love each other can avoid wars” so on so forth…

I laughed my A** off at this

Songs were all nice,,,,Till I watched movie I felt I liked Kilimanjaro..this song is too long though beautifully picturised…The funny scene just before kilimanjaro with ladda (geminis Ladda) was not that great..I felt its just put in the movie to fill the reel………but after watching movie my personal favourite is Inumulo O hrudayam malichine (which means with in the Iron a heart is formed)song. Then he describes that aish has a beauty which can turn! humans to machines and machines to humans !! All dialogues were so sensible and written flawless..So shattered vaseegar….destroys chitti…but to see what happens next one must visit the theatre and watch the movie and enjoy it in and out.. Robo trying to impress aish buys a diamond necklace along with real hero and goes thru a make over with different hair styles which is a very cute scene

And I love the song inumulo even for all the acqua Barbie alike aish’s lines like below.

hey robo maska voddhu
you want to come and get it boy
Oh are you just a robo toy
I don’t want to break you
even though it takes you
kind of like a breakthrough
you don’t even need a clue
you be my man to backup
i think you need a checkupi can melt your heart down
may be if you gap
one been doing that for ages
since it’s time of sages

I am a super girl preminche wraper girl
I am a super girl preminche wraper girl
robotic hypnotic hypnotic super sonic
super star come come get it

you you can’t touch this

So the Robot—-Sana —vasseegar’s love story goes on and what happens at the end and the turns and twists have to be watched on screen preferably on the BIG screen …….and the Robot reveals in the end that ……….Red destruction chip of Robot can be removed..but in a human its not possible to remove all the destruction chips inserted in him whenever we want to..The 100 robots the fight at the end and the fight in the train glued me to the screen…and I uttered even “ OH my GOD” !! when I watched the robos turning to a worm then snake and so on….. When chitti was being dismantled even I felt sad…Robot presenting himself as an evidence in court is logical as after all he is just a machine and the proof is crystal clear. The scene is little abrupt but I cannot think a better one there…. .The camera and photography and skills of director are worth a loud applause .It’s not exaggeration as I saw all this for the first time in Indian cinema. I am glad directors like Shankar are also present in our cine industry

Note : Am not a rajini fan..but I started adoring him since I saw this movie..when I was back home.. I couldn’t resist myself from watching shivaji—The boss.. yes this man for sure has got style which can either strike the humor in U or make u try imitating him but for sure U wont be able to hate him for his style and I really like the messages he gives in the movies!!

This movie ends on the note of Robo saying “ I am dismantled and am dysfunctional now as I started thinking !!” Very apt right!….how thinking like a human can make even a machine harmful !!

Loved the movie in and out…..:) and addicted to the songs now…

Boom boom and inumulo o hrudayam being my favs..

PS: Watched this movie on 10/10/10 10:10 show all binary digits…The value of which is 42!

Heyyyy yyyy he ye ye ye yey e………. am singing this song contly under my breath

A movie definitely for all those who wanna have full on entertainment !

This is my take —Robo (.) DOT 🙂

8 thoughts on “Boom Boom Robo Ra Robo Ra—ROBO–My Take!!

  1. i cant tell how much solace i found in this movie
    that too after watching puli!!

    it was a life saver
    as i almost decided that i wont watch movies!!
    am out of the trauma!!
    Do watch the movie before the buzz dies

  2. Narration is nicely done. Felt like I was watching the movie too. HOpe to catch it soon. I loved the songs, but in Tamil…esp 'kadhal anukkal'

    Heard Ash got the part she deserved, not much action, look all glamourous…nice eh? Even thought her age showed, even in Action Replayy promos.

  3. With Rajnikaant every thing is possible 😀 He is the God of South cinemas! By the way I watched Robot last weekend and it was really an interesting movie, or rather I would say its a must-watch movie! 😀

    Btw, hope you enjoy reading my post – When love calls

    Take care 🙂

  4. ya! romeo
    no i didnt read yet
    will read wen am in leisure
    i didnt like the voting process of indiblogger and the way ppl Just become famous by votes:(

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