Half Baked Head—(1.)

Hi friends

Am starting a New Comic Series--Half Baked Head!!!!! Do acknowledge and give tips to improve or any other ideas
Intro :: HBH–Half Baked Head is like many other Breathing at the neck at neck speed kind of bosses!! uday raj and other miscellaneous names U will see here are the POOR teamies!!!! So

Disclaimer: These cartoons are based on events witnessed , heard or guessed by me!! Resembling any body else is very much possible πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Half Baked Head—(1.)

  1. My god !!
    thats toooo HEAVY compli
    dilbert is my all timeFAV!!……….
    and i guess if its laughable enough (whatteva am drawing) then task accomplished πŸ™‚

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