Love makes Life Beautiful!

I was coming out of the conference room after the one hour long session when Ria shouted running behind me

Ria :” Meghaaa Meghaaaa!! What parlor does that seema hit Yaar! She looks extremely beautiful these days? Have You observed the change ?”

Me : “Extremely beautiful. What made you think so!?”

Ria : “Well she got her hair straightened, her skin is glowing and her lip has a different shape now. Definitely she has undergone some surgery as well. Her dad is in real estate business and she has filthy sacks of money”

Me: Ha ha ha OK!!

Ria : “You are smiling now. Be careful ..She is after Rajiv your all time Love”

Me (rolling eyes) : “If he is so much attracted to her beauty and wants her. Let him go for it. Am not stopping . Neither i know the right places to go for my beauty enhancement nor do i have the filthy money “

Ria : Well start knowing then. You are taking it very easy dear! That seema is a daayan. She can go to any extent. You will repent

Me: Lets see

Ria: “You keep seeing . You don’t know these boys. This day they are with one girl and next day they find a more pretty girl they easily send the previous one to recycle bin.”

Me : “Riaaaaaaaa! You are just being hyper. Even You don’t look for guys who are very normal, shy or very average . Do you ? you have all your eyes for Rajiv , George or look alikes who have great physique , who are happening , chirpy right ? Its natural baby ! Stop blaming them “

Ria: “Well hummmm! Leave me. I am not serious about Rajiv George or who ever. But you are serious about Rajiv, So its my duty to warn you as a friend. Your relation is still in a bud stage. Dont allow some Devil pluck it. Anyway its been almost 2yrs when are you guys going for a date atleast??!”

Me : “Oh meri maa! My dear poetess. Warning taken !!Now stop scaring me. I will keep a check on him . Happy!?”

Ria : “OK! Am done for the day. Leave soon. Traffic sucks these days!!”

Me: “ After that onsite call i will also start”

Ria :” Aahaaaaan!! I know the real reason for this half hr delay.. Car pooling with Rajiv and then traffic jam haan ;)!”

I beat with notepad on Ria’s back and said “You can go now” with a mock scowl on my face

Ria : ha ha .. OK darling!! Have a happy and safe drive;)

Rajiv :” Hey Megha!! Done with the call??. So you are coming in the car today ?”

Me: “Ya if No problem . I will get down at Abids”

Rajiv : “why will I have problem. I hope you don’t have any issue. Today we have a new passenger!”

Me : “New who ?!”

Rajiv gave way to her in to cubicle and it was quite dramatic when i saw Seema coming in to cubicle fluttering her eyelashes.

Seema: “Oh Megha! !!!I hope You don’t mind me joining”

Me:” Of course not! Why will i?? Am neither the car owner nor Rajiv’s mother! “(OH GOSH!! That was a bad line)

Some how Rajiv and Seema managed a silly laugh

Rajiv : “ Ok megha ! we will be waiting infront of the building . Come fast”

As they were leaving not to mention the redness out of jealousy on my face i observed how neat were Seema’s curves , her skin , blush and makeup which didn’t wear off even by evening or was she going for rounds of touch ups to the rest room!!Her hair length crossed her hips and was so soft and straight that it looked better than fake hair they show in shampoo ads! I immediately bent down as if to take my hand bag when she looked back giving a vague smile at me. May be she sensed I was gaping at her. I quickly gathered my things and rushed to rest room.I felt my evening image in the mirror extra horrible that day !! i didn’t bother looking again in to mirror.

They were already waiting at the gate for me! And what i see is Seema sitting in the front seat!! And they were so animated in their conversation that i was unnoticed till I came and knocked on the glass window so that they unlock it. I sat in the back seat

Seema turned her head in my direction: “ Hey i will be getting down before your stop. So where you stay and with whom”

After few formality questions she turned towards Rajiv and they were chatting and chatting as if nothing is happening around them. I tried concentrating on the music. But the song “Ajnabee mujhko itna bataa dil mera kyu pareshan hai” did not help me.

Finally her stop came.

Seema : “ Bye rajiv. Bye megha!! Thanks for the lift”

Rajiv : “ Thanks to you!! Grace of the car doubled today”

I immediately looked at him with a jerk!! Huh!! A GUY IS A GUY!

Seema with extra blush on her face : “ Oh am flattered. See ya tomorrow and i don’t mind beautifying the things dialy “ She looked at me with a sense of pride or is it happening in my head. I coughed a bit as Rajiv started car

Rajiv: “Oh Megha ! come over to front seat na”

Megha : “ No am fine here” with sternness in voice

Rajiv with a puzzled nod : “Okay”. I Was giving single word replies to what ever he was asking.

After reaching the PG I was little sceptical. Is it beauty which is every thing that attracts boys!! I stood in front of mirror observing my reflection. Am a mere 5’ 2” and my measurements Gosh!! I don’t want to relook at them. I Can’t say i have a model like figure and am short a bit chubby and my friends always call me a cute teddy. My hair messed up. I have big eyes but never really took extra care and mascara to me is meant for weddings or parties . . I had put my hands on hips turnedaround , clock wise and anti clock wise and was not satisfied by my image. GOD i never crosschecked so many times how i looked. I washed my face with moisturiser. Applied the night cream which was resting in the shelf from many days and tried to get some sleep thinking Was Ria true ?? and chanting “ TO HELL WITH RAJIV and all OTHER BOYS”

Next day morning i took extra care on how i looked. Applied eye liner carefully. Took the lipstick which matched my red dupatta and applied carefully after i bordered my lips with lip liner. I had let my hair loose . No its not good so i had put the butterfly clip and good its looking nice now!!i looked at my nails and thought they need a manicure. After doing the final touch up i rushed for the bus.

Ria in Pantry :“Some body told she did not care about being extra careful about how she looks” with a gleam in her eyes

I sighed thoughtfully

Ria coming closer: “ IS everything Ok. Well i sense its not ok. Look whos there” she gave a fake smile waving at Rajiv and Seema who were coming towards us with juice glasses in hand

Rajiv : “Morning!! Ria Megha..See i have been discussing with Seema about tomorrows event”

God he immediately started conversation involving seema. Did he observe that i looked good today L

Ria : “ what about that event”

Rajiv : “ Well i want Seema to anchor the show and Megha can take care of the participants’ costumes and back stage works”

Ria: “ Why back stage. Megha is capable of anchoring. She even did for...”

I stopped her in middle and said : “ Its ok Rajiv. My plate is full. Anyway i cant come for rehearsal. So its better i take care of back stage”

Ria gave an irritable look at me.

Rajiv : “Sounds good! Chalo seema you can rehearse for the anchoring. Ok Girls. Catch you tomorrow” Saying so they both left she laughing loud and beating Rajiv at some silly joke the idiot cracked. I never had so many butterflies in my stomach and I never hated anyone so much!

It was the event day and there was lot of buzz around. I didn’t bother how i looked even though Ria advised me to wear that shining single tinkling anklet (its a trend to wear a single anklet). I just applied the daily lipgloss and kaajal. Tied my hair with a band and wore a full white dress . After all its ok to look normal. Am a back stage material . Its Seema who has to look good . I observed from back stage how they were enjoying each others company! ! and Rajiv was not even leaving her for a second. They looked like “MADE FOR EACH OTHER” I turned away and some how couldn’t stand there even for a min. I cursed myself for not hitting gym or parlors regularly. I was leaving the stage when Rajiv approached. “ Hey megha! Where are you running”

Me : “am not feeling well Rajiv. I will go take some rest”

Rajiv : “ Oh shall i drop You . i can manage. I will come”

Me: “ No! Its really OK (Does he even remember tomorrow is my bday)”

I reached room. It was 5min to 12:00. My room mates were still at the event. Probably DJ must be going on now and i imagined Rajiv dancing with seema in his arms and immediately pushed the thought to back of my mind. I switched on the light and fan in my room . Many colored papers with happy birthday megha written on them fell all over me and there was a gift pack on my bed with a letter under it . on the gift it was written. Not a big surprise. I know you love books. So this P.G. Woodhouse collection for you!! I was too much excited to open the package. Instead I tore the envelope immediately

Dearest Megha

Firstly Many Many happy returns of the day!

The day I first saw you I never felt its new

I could smile with you the way I do with very few

When I first asked you if you could join the car sharing

I was scared to death thinking if you saw me staring!

With a side glance I saw that you were blushing

Can’t explain the excitement… it was overwhelming!!

You are shy extra careful and you always hesitate

Your honesty is your jewel and I always reciprocate!

You never tried for people to flank you

This only made my immense liking grow

The way you give a broad smile everyday

It twitches my heart and has a good play

You are the most beautiful to me in this world

Witty but innocent, talkative but silent, shy but bold

People try proving their best to someone special

They don’t mind the individuality they lose in that trial

Mademoiselle you don’t follow this norm

You always stick to your decisions staying so calm

It took 2 years and a figured woman to create the storm

For the first time I saw you in mascara and the red lip balm 😉

Before the storm takes its toll

I want to blurt out it all

I no more want to be just your pal

I love you and will love you till I fall

I love you when you are in full bloom

I would love you even when you wither

I love you when you give me a smile

I would love you even when you move away a mile

I love you whatever the length of your hair

I love you if your complexion is dark, dusky or fair

Many many happy returns of the day darling

If you could just open the door I would like to sing

PS: Please take the anklet wrapped in a separate cover not to add beauty to you but to add beauty to it . 😉 Poetic skills inspired by you. Please forgive me for poor usage of words!!!

Thats all I ran to the door in almost two long jumps and When i unbolted the door.. Rajiv , Ria , Praveen , Gita all were standing there holding cake, balloons and gifts and Rajiv holding a bouquet and all were singing loud the bday song. I let them in and gave a bear – hug to Rajiv. When I checked my reflection in the mirror it gave me a messy haired, withered tearful smiling look back . But somehow I FELT am the MOST LOVED AND THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN in the WORLD

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23 thoughts on “Love makes Life Beautiful!

  1. Love indeed makes life beautiful, liked the way you concluded and these lines –

    “I love you when you are in full bloomI would love you even when you wither I love you when you give me a smileI would love you even when you move away a mile”

    Keep writing 🙂

  2. WoW!!! thts such a cute and sweet story!! loved it and the poem is sooo good!!! 🙂 “Love” makes life “Beautiful”!!

    Very well presented perspective on Beauty!!! and yea…i loved the jealousy part on the “so called lady beautiful” it happens!! we girls get so much possessive at times!!!

  3. @Amar : Thanks!
    @Cinderella : Yep we do get possessive..But Megha is saved at the right time..Otherwise over possessiveness leads to losing individuality many a times
    anyway Good luck for competition:)

  4. nice blog… especially, the poem really seems like a guy has written it 🙂
    One thing though… there are some spelling mistakes which could have easily been avoided…
    All in all, I enjoyed reading it.

  5. @Sourav: Thanks a bunch!
    it really is tough to spend long time proof reading and editing!
    i will try cross checking the article……If possible! you can point out some major mistakes u found 😉

  6. Awesome dear… While going through ur sweet blog, I jus came across this article and started reading it… It made me to forget the time… The excitement was increasing exponentially while the lines of blog r getting decreased… I have a habbit of picturising the scene while reading novels… In the same way while reading this I have picturised our beautiful Infy campus with characters u created… It really created a lovely & sweet feel inside the heart of mine… 🙂 U rock Afshan… 🙂

  7. Thanks Jyotsna ! and is it sree jyotsna of infy, if so add me on FB or gmail.. AM excited

    Thanks for jumping in to my blog and commenting that too sweetly!

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