The colours of nature!!

The dark black clouds spread in the sky,

Sucking all the brightness before they cry!
They shout in rage and burst in to heavy showers,
The relief and calm is soothing like it is after tears!

First the bright white lightening and roar of the thunder,
It shows that one can be bold and pretty stronger!

Then the sudden mist of rain drops and torrents,
Strength has limits, to let out fears there are no warrants!

The green plants and the bird cooing once washed by rains,

The nature’s canopy can fill peace by a single glance!
Your mood on watching the rainbow colours will enhance,
The smell of the mud can just leave you in a deep trance!

Then there are bright blooming red, yellow pink flowers,

When you see a pair you feel they are entangled like lovers!
A kid’s smile and the multi colours have same powers,
Both bring bliss however wavering might be your hours!

The colour of the sky and sea so pure and deep blue,
Gazing at them makes you feel godly and true!
The vast creations where they start and end there is no cue,
The sky and sea merge at some point blending the hue!!

The withered leaves of a tree so brittle and brown,

They no longer breathe life they always fall down!

Indicating the past should be forgotten saving a frown,
A new memory and a new life helps rather than a mourn!!

God’s nature has different hidden lessons to learn,
To just sit and watch it is a great treasure one can earn!
When you cross the phases of life and wherever you take a turn,
These things will always be with you stars, sky, sea moon and the sun!!

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HPOA/Half Piece of Ass

Here is yet again the day !!when I remember the telugu movie Money Where our Koteswara Rao…Says “Same card . Same story only names different” – when a person comes to invite for his wedding!:)

The much awaited Hike letters arrive and the much unwanted analysis after it. I can see people clapping around my cubicle. Some distributing sweets. Some feverishly using the Calc option after long on their phones/ lappy /computer and hoping to see the number changes atleast the third time they calculate it . Some people go to treat , Some stay indifferent , Some are over joyous , some just discuss among themselves . Some shout loudly their achievement. Some sulk at their not so great hikes! But in midst of all this there will be one person one so called person who can be named as HPOA“Hugely possessed of the Over smart attitude” . Where ever he goes . Whatever he is doing he will not miss a chance to poke his nose around and to shoot questions at people and bug them , bother them till he gets a response . whatever it might be . Even if people shoo him away. He doesn’t care. He would patiently wear a fake smile and try to get a response till his last ounce of sweat and blood are used in this effort. He will go to person x

HPOA: “ Hey whats your hike %”

X : “Not much”

HPOA: “tell na yaar! Every one has got less. Theres no harm in revealing right”

X: “—%”

HPOA: “ That’s it!! You know Nag. He joined 6months late compared to you. How come he got a role change and more hike and not you ??”

X: A bit boiling “Ask him”!

HPOA : “Don’t worry !! U will also get it soon or else try hard and shift na “

X : “Whats your hike %”

HPOA: Not much yaar . Just —%

X: “ You know Reshma. She joined as a lateral . Has less experience than you and gets more per anum”

HPOA Walks away but this dirty business of mocking each other starts running in each others blood

HPOA Goes to person Y

HPOA: “ Hey You got a role change”

Y: “Nopes”

HPOA: “ You should ask your manager and fight yaar. You shouldn’t sit silent”

Y : “ I have asked. There are lot many in queue he says”!!

HPOA: “ Then go to SPM..DM”

Y: “ see its ok I am fine. If I want to I will go “

HPOA: “arey don’t get frustrated. There are lot many opportunities out. Try your luck”

Y: “ I was not frustrated till you started suggesting HPOA”

HPOA giggles and walks out

And now goes to she . lets name her Z

HPOA: “ Hey Z! Wow . what a nice dress you are wearing yaar”

Z : “hmm Thanks”

HPOA: “U seem low! What happened ?? Don’t tell me its hike”

Z: “ Yes it is the reason”

HPOA : “ Come on how does that bother U! Your would be is in ABC company and he will any way bring lot of fortune to you . You can just sit back and relax”

Z: “ I can’t. Actually I gave my best this cycle. Still no use”

HPOA: “OH come on dear!! Come lets just forget it and celebrate. Lets go to CCD”

Z: still sulking : “No I aint interested”

HPOA: “ Oh come on ! Don’t be a spoil sport. Ok I will take you to a new restaurant opened in banjara hills and then some shopping! OK “

Z : “ Yep fine! Great idea ..chalo and ya I am not bringing my card ! its your treat right ?!!”

HPOA (gulping) : “ yep”

So HPOA’s big nose can never hesitate from smelling whats cooking in the neighbors broth.

Meanwhile I suddenly remember Raju Srivastava (stand up comedian’s interview) when he was voted out of BigBoss !

Amitabh asked him : “ You are so jovial , Fun loving but still people didn’t like you to such an extent that you can stay back for some more days”

Raju : “Am a jovial person. Can create fun atmosphere..But I cant express the immense happiness or joy like many are doing there. When bigboss sends us dal and some chawal I feel content and enjoy my dish but I don’t dance and party on it shouting.Hey dekho daaaaaaal aagaya !! Chaawall …..Thank You big boss. Thanks a ton! May be I didn’t qualify at all to join the clan”. Not to debate on why he was voted out and who was actually HPOA the other residents or raju J but yeah if dal chawal is a hike ..There can be variety of reactions !

Over celebration of one’s joy is fine but Over celebration highlighting other persons under or not so celebration is a demonic feature which prevails now and then . Its must to learn to ignore or shoo them away or trap them in response or shut your the way :WHEN U R IN DEEP SHIT SHUT YOUR MOUTH. But reacting to them or sulking more will lead to the HPOA’s Victory!