"10 Day You Challenge–post 5". "6 Places"!!!!!!!

Six places I always want to visit!!!
It’s very tough to write this coz I am not much in to travelling and there are very less places which I already visited but there are many in my list which I would wantto visit!

Some things in this post may seem repetitive but well as it is a post about me cant help the repetition !:)

1.) Before mentioning big big desires I want to roam around INDIA which is the biggest desire. Around the India in how many ever days it takes. An expedition, exploration, a relaxation. Among the places I saw the ones I wanna go again and again would be Vizag(for beach), Mumbai (for its vastness), Coorg, Araku (for serenity), Hyderabad(for obvious reasons)!Among places which I have never visited Shimla , Kashmir , Goa , Kerala , Pondicherry ,Andaman and Nicobar islands and many hill stations are in hit list. Tajmahal one of the wonders is a place which i already visited but would love to visit that historical part of India (Ajmer, Agra, Rajasthan) again and always!! Our india is always Incredible
check out this interesting vedio :
2.)China: Yes I wanna visit China. “Great wall of china” has reputation as the only human work on the globe which is visible from the moon. Have a strong desire to go and stand on it . I always feel mesmerised by the ancient civilization , history , clothes , traditions ,people of china. Would love to explore the place and use chopsticks too, but maybe I have to survive only on noodles and fried rice till I stay there :p .Would love to peep in to Chinese prophecies and see what Kung fu , dragon and Martial arts are all about 😀 and ya I would love to hit Japan too and check out some erupting volcanoes!!
3.) Egypt: The pyramids and mummies.Aren’t they mysterious?!! Who would not want to get a glimpse of this wonder once in life time? If I get a chance I would definitely explore Egypt and obviously would love to thoroughly understand the culture and traditions of people there. It’s always fun to meet new people
4.)Niagara falls: It would be one of the best days of my life when i get a glimpse of these humongous, one of the largest water falls which extend between Canada and Newyork. I don’t have the exact data of their height , length and width .If ever I get a chance to visit I would be ecstatic and won’t b able to describe how exactly I would be feeling watching this natures wonder!

5.) Europe-Italy: No “The davinci code” book/movie is not the reason for this thing to creep in to my mind.

From long somehow “Italy” used to sound fascinating. A country of art, love, romance! In Roman mythology Cupid is the God of desire , affection and love. Well not to fall in love 😉 but would love to know the secrets of this wonderful place!!I would love to go to the place and explore the works of Leonardo Davinci and Michelangelo likes and Italy is worlds top Wine producer. Well have to see how enchanting and how sedative the place is if at all I go 😉
6.) Home: After I finish my expeditions and explorations around Egypt, China, Niagara , Rome I would always want to come back to my home sweet home where ever it is J
PS: Given a chance I would go around the world not in 80 days but 800 days to that matter any number of days may be the whole life well revenue is one thing to think of: p actually the only thing to think of !!!!…….

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