Some and the Others!!!

“Some people try to follow the suite.
The others can just get rude!
Some people try to outsmart you.
The others just fail and don’t even rue!!”
“Some people throw bricks at you.
Trying to make you go black and blue!
You cheerfully build a wall of fame.
Mocking the attempts so tame!!”
“The attempts are pretty hard.
The others may label you mad!
You are no saint to be glad.
The world is full of people good and bad!!”
“The preposterous ones sagely clad.
Some laugh heart fully some stay grumpy and sad!
Some have lump some money and a rich dad.
Only few have a talent which the others never had!!”
“Having Fun and happy times is the real art of life.
The bash in the hoodwink of fun may create strife!
Rather than being a threat its better to be a clown.
Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down!!

This poem was originally published at theviewspaper

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