I-Hate "Girls"

I Hate girls!!

As soon as I read the topic by Indiblogger in association with “Stayfree” and also as it mentioned “This women’s day be the voice of the change” I remembered many women who bump in to me daily and who don’t inspire me at all and make me feel that am lot better than many J Well on a lighter note to feel high and good I think you need such people around.

Do grab a coffee mug before U start as it’s a bit long;)

Well I couldn’t think of a better title. I hate some girls. It would be an understatement if I use “some”. Actually I hate too many girls. Am taking the privilege to modify Abraham Lincoln’s statement here: “You can like some girls all the time. You can like all the girls for some time but YOU CAN NEVER like all girls all the time”

Original one is : “You can fool some men all the time. You can fool all the men for some time but you can never fool all the men all the time”. Correct me if am wrong and Merlin’s beard I see a deep connection between the original and the demolished statement by me J Enough of playing around the proverbs and statements .Now I want to come straight to the point -> Why I hate too many girls? The intense basic instincts of some girls and also the power to shower them so instantly that you wonder if the reflexes of spinal cord are slower than this! This is what makes me wriggle away from them! Some illustrations are listed below.


Girls Rest Room

Morning 9 0’clock (Not the busiest hour of the office I can say!). I enter the rest room. Everyone needs a space in front of the huge horizontal mirror to comb their messy hair / not to look worn out early in the morning / to touch up their faces. Some carry a huge bag which contains moisturiser/ Mascara / eyeliner/ Foundation/ Lip-gloss and many more things. Its not a crime to carry what all they want to but spending more than 15-20min in front of a mirror where everyone has the right to check their image at least once is definitely a punishable crime. Some have the sense to at least give way to you for a while so that you set your messy plait or wash your face once. It’s really generous of them. I LIKE THEM. I mean it as they stopped mid-way as they know they need more time, but I HATE people who scan you and don’t budge from their positions. I am sure the frisking done in theatres and at airports is much better and it’s not an exaggeration if I say a boys stare is much more better than that of a girls deep stare! I feel so lethargic when a girl stares. She will start scanning you, if possible you in real or else your image in the mirror. She will start with your hair. Check if it is long / thick / thin and again give a final glance. You will try hard to ignore her but you can’t and you glare. She then looks back at the mirror as if she didn’t notice anything. She will again slowly look back at your image. Now she is probably checking your figure. If she is slim / zero size she will pass a satisfied smirk at her image and happily applies lip gloss. If she has all extra tiers and she is a couch potato who never leaves the cubicle and only gets-up from the seat when she finishes her 8hrs of work then she makes a grumpy face and looks at you as if she will serial kill you next and then wash her face in rage with all might and clean the face roughly with tissue paper. I feel like giving a free advice of not cleaning the face so roughly that too in winter but I just wonder what did I do early in the morning to her? I continue combing my hair. She continues her stare from tip-toe and after the final frisk she leaves. I definitely am not responsible for the tiers and I definitely did not apply fevicol to her chair

I sigh and when the coast is clear, when there is pin drop silence I feel victorious!!

WOW nobody else in the rest room. It’s my time now! Ye ye ye . I almost sing. Wash my face. I whistle (a mock one as I can’t whistle).

Then all my fears engulf me. There is a creek, a thunder. It’s like a dark cloud surrounded me.

Somebody opened the door with a huge hand bag dangling from her shoulder 😦. I silently leave!

Scene -2

At the bag checking- Main gate

Everybody is always in a hurry at the bag checking. All have come to office to work if I keep aside who really is busy. Some might be having a status call. Some might simply want to go grab that bread omelet in FC and some want to start their bench for the day ASAP. Whatever might be the reason, all are in rush. A rush like never before. It’s an everyday scenario with most of the people in office especially girls!

A girl came running to the conveyer belt or whatever it is called. I was already there. She was chit-chatting in the phone happily but still wanted to be the first to put her bag in the scanner (I guess scanner is the appropriate word!)and jump the queue and she wanted to do all this in midst of giggles and a loud noisy chatter! She pushed me with elbow when I was about to put the bag in to the scanner and before I winked whoosh, her bags/ covers were ahead of mine inside the scanner. I glared at her but it was in vain as she was ahead of me too and chatting away in all glory! I was muttering all possible curses under my breath and hoping the scanner springs to life and eats her luggage and then gives me back my bag decorated with a gold medal and rose bouquet!

Putting a full stop to my crazy thoughts I went to the turnstile as I wanted to be the first one to take the bag, so ran fast to another machine and went to the scanner.

But holy cow the bags were stuck L!!

Finally when all her baggage came out she was there wearing a pretty smile , still talking in phone collected all the bags and I with an idiotic face was waiting for my turn and ran as there were only 5min left for the status call !

I hate many such cute girls who jump the queues and that too very gently and cutely!


Good lord Everywhere!!

Whoever told Ignorance is bliss I want him/her to rethink as it’s an utter flaw! (I apologize if it’s some legend but I really felt so taken the present circumstances)! Coz One’s ignorance can be pain in ass many a times. The ignorance some girls act!!! Bah. God must save all men and of course sensible women from those GIRLS!

I have come across too many posts lately on FACEBOOK and also some on blogs which are too optimistic at times and sometimes too ignorant as if they are asking a genuine doubt and showing their innocent side to the whole world out there. But I think this optimism falls so heavy on my stomach that I feel like emptying two three Eno bottles to burp it out. How can a person be so optimistic and talk so much unholy crap! Sorry I for dumping the frustration but I needed an outlet. These days I see the teenagers and even primary school kids are getting addicted to FB/ any social networking site and I see their whole life/ thoughts on the walls/ windows / doors and everywhere

This scene 3 is dedicated to those baseless, senseless , unlaughable, never ending bulletin threads which start with what if sun stops rising in east to a silly enlightening poetry. Whoever can sneeze 2lines becomes a poet these days! FUN is much needed but I feel torture is not.

To my surprise these questions/doubts have too many Optiomentalistic replies too!! Either people have all the time in the world or there are too many Opti-Mes(pest)s with only few cynics like me. Who needs a little cleaning on the top most floor is still unclear to me!

I am thankful to the poor internet connection due to which am not logging in to FB much or checking the motivating fwd mails in detail! Please note that here I am saying about the category of people who are baseless and opt good for nothing ways to project themselves and stay glued to the computer hoping to get 100 likes on a positive status message or day dreaming that one fine day they would be leading a group with 100s of disciples

As a final word Yes I DO HATE GIRLS and a slight change here, I do hate the row of men who give the replies too just for the heck of it!

DO NOT FROWN that being a girl am saying so. There are few girls whom I really adore and there are many whom I hate more than anyone else. This post is for them! Even if I don’t know them personally I hate their acts / their responses/ on the whole what all they do!

I cannot drill their brains or poke/motivate/inspire them but as and when I wrote this my close knit group said if “THOSE” women read this they will definitely think twice before doing the same act. So as it is high time to raise voice and high time to change here I am with this post , glad that I have finished writing this and super glad that I am feeling very light after actually writingand extra glad that I don’t have to march on the roads to bring this change. Even if one person gets impacted by this article my mission is accomplished!

By the way I do love sensible women

There’s a saying:

“A confident and sensible woman will look beautiful and sexy no matter

whatever figure she has!”

This post is for the below competition which is by “Indiblogger” in association with “Stayfree”. Click on the image below for the details on competition!!
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17 thoughts on “I-Hate "Girls"

  1. This is very well written.So you would let them know or perhaps send them this blogpost. 😉 and I love the quote which you have mentioned at the last. Loved the post. Good luck for the contest dear 🙂

  2. @The solitary writer: Thanks for reading and appreciating;) well No need to send. Those who are interested keep peeping in to my blog 😛

    @Anonymous: Not sure who this is but THANKS!
    Ya its high time to raise your voice and its high time to change;)

  3. Lovely post Afshan, just too good. I am really happy that some girl posted about this and the girls who replied also agree with what you said….:)

    I wish every girl reads this and most importantly they change their behaviour for the better of all.

    Btw, there is not much hustle bustle in boys rest room and we are pretty fine with it and don't take much time either. We are happy wait for our turn and others are happy to finish and go…:)

  4. @prashanth : Hehe . That was funny to reconfirm regarding Boy's RR ;)!

    Thanks for ur wonderful compliments!
    I too wish all girls read this but bringing a change in them, well depends. Some people read and increase the intensity of their acts 🙂
    anyway thanks for dropping by! Keep reading

  5. I did leave a big comment on this one our network right. Its almost like reading my mind. You've said it!

    Nailed it!!! Jitna bhi likho is topic kam pad jaata hai, cos of different “types” we come across. Wishing you all the very best for the contest 🙂

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