Crisp Cartoon with clear message. Did u crack it ?!

Drawn in 5mints using paint brush (outcome of joblessness). Do let me know hows it ?!!

8 thoughts on “Crisp Cartoon with clear message. Did u crack it ?!

  1. wow..the pic is very creative( heart–>broken heart).good job,Afshan !

    p.s: its been a long time since i posted a comment here ….. yeah..and i guess…you write less these days 🙂 … must be busy !

    Congratulations & Best wishes ! (came to know through your blog that you got married 🙂 )


  2. yeah!
    I never saw U arnd 🙂
    was busy with writing / settling down yada yada.

    Must b more punctual/sincere and get in to serious writing.. Glad u jumped to my blog

    There are many more interesting write ups. Do read if time permits…and Thanks for ur wishes kranthi.. Cheers!

  3. How to get followers?It is easy.You have to religiously follow other blogs.COmment on them.Make sure you let them know you are reading them regularly.They generally return the favour and start reading your blogs…that's how it works..:-) Bes t of luck…

  4. Oh Thanks Rahul 🙂 U opened my eyes…Bt its rare that ppl return the favour and post shud be interesting too.. anyway I Commented on ur blog 60 followers, u cud hav replied there

    Never mind
    Good day

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