"The Patience"

I was pampered and looked at with fondness.
Was not aware what it means The patience”!
I slept on Mommy’s lap.
It was heaven, rest of the world seemed crap!

I am the best in my buddy group.
People laugh at my jokes and told am funny!
I can make any ones morning double sunny.
I was the culprit who made faces and was a dupe!

I was supposed to grow up and be an inspiration.
Was asked to follow the society’s suit!
Rules were framed which meant no strict violation. 
That was the first test of patience when I opted the route!

I lived to myself and never gave a damn.
At times I was noisy and at times calm!
Felt I can set rules of my own and of any form.
It’s tough to implement, my mind was in Jam!
I groaned at the prospect of being grown!

I am a part of corporate hub.
A 22yr old damsel moved to the city from suburb!
I forgot who I am from 9 to five,
for in a day umpteen times I need to lie!

Lies are more respected here.
Dreaded are honesty and a statement without fear!
The most despised fact is a tear.
You are a weak idiot if u can’t be a Liar!

I grew and so is my patience.
It was a pebble in the start,
now it is a tall mountain peak with a fence around.
Hence, I will evolve and break to join the pebbles on the ground!

This post is for The Surf Excel Matic #SoakNoMore Contest by Indiblogger.

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