"Indi- blogging"- A Rat Race?

Hello People!

I told Hello in red and bold coz I wanted to grab attention if not a handful atleast a half wrist !
Attention seeking disorder– I know many including me are suffering from this with the increasing number of social networks and increasing number of blogs / writers or may be I should say an increasing number of Computers/ laptops. Anyone who knows basic MS DOS is a writer these days. Well by now u know this is a rant – post but I just couldnt resist posting this after reading this http://randomrahul.blogspot.in/2012/04/load-off-my-chest.html . I thought I can be better off by taking little load off my chest too.Every thing is almost written by him. I  just want to add icing on the cake and justify each and every point and to add some more points .Ya, these days its all about the rat race till you become popular/ get likes/ comments and votes (when its an indi thingy). If you win the race the pursuit is fruit full and that one large phase of your life is called “Pursuit of Happyness” and you will live happy forever provided you are always in the pursuit to win the race and You need to follow the below top ten  tips to win on Indi/ to get votes/ Readers!

1.) Read any one and every ones blog. Follow any one and every one and add them to your indi network

2.) While doing the above dont forget to be a self obsessed self loving self important blogger . Its all about me / Moi/ Main / Myself

3.) Even if you cant read the shit what some write, hold your breath and drop some silly comment like “Great way to present the situation”. ” U made me thoughtful” and blah blah [IF you have too many followers U know better than me] ;). These are true lies. Lies which will lead to the truth that “U will be finally followed!”

4.) Dont try to correct grammar or give suggestions to popular people coz U will be clean bowled and the minimum trafficking you have will also come to an end

5.)In schools/ colleges in some places they have removed the grading system just to make students feel good but you can never fool around on blogspot/ indiblogger. Its all comments and votes which matter to make people stop by your blog — MORE THAN THE CONTENT IT SELF but but if you have good content too then NONE can stop you! So concentrate on what you write too , atleast frequently when your attention gets diverted from votes

6.) Its just a mis-conception that pretty prof pic makes people read, coz I have seen old people who really write well having  good number of followers, but Ya I wont deny a pic says more than the blog post. There were cases where pretty pics grabbed prizes when there were better posts in top 20- 30

7.)Be on blog day noon evening night and mid night. You should be totally jobless to be famous in this area coz what you give U get. You give 100% attention there are fair chances that U grab attention too. 

8.)Try to blog every day.[Its tough for people who are in 9 to 5 or 9 to 9 jobs but I know many who take out time and allot an hour or so for blogging] Take any random topic and add some negativity , positivity and then neutrality,take some swear words if possible (as it looks uber cool), Use two three great lively pics like I used here, say Thanks to your readers from the bottom of your heart every now and then and all the while dont forget to write “Good” posts coz crap doesnt sell for long!

9.)Tell whats happening in your life all over the blog. Well blogging and boggling dont have much difference in spelling. It will make U a regular to the blogging world. I cant say that you will become a Ayn Rand / Salman Rushdie/ you will make it a Wings of fire but ya you will for sure grab attention. People are always interested to know about others personal life some times straight, some times hidden between lines and if you post a personal pic it will be an asset to the post!

10.) Write heavy topics/ Women oriented ones/ heart wrenching ones/ Rights of a man/ woman/ About politics / Movies in such a presentable way that whoever would be the judges when they read your post will not think twice to make you a winner!

Last but not the least when ever they say votes do not matter. Just strike off the not and get these words clear “Votes do matter” and at times only they matter. Well I really dont know how people do vote appeal coz am not good at marketting and I reallly dint even follow the above tips! I succeded a bit by following 1 2  and 3 but couldnt fake for long :(!

Well what I can do the most is write , tell the world and wait!
“Hello World” I have written this! Would be glad if you read and comment. Would be super glad if you feel I write stuff good enough to be my follower but If you dont give a damn , well I will feel sad for a min and then   I would stop giving a damn too coz away from the blogging world there are too many mind blowing and therapeutic things to do and writing is also one of them!

Cheers friends!
Comments/ brick bats invited.
Suggestions to improve trafficking are also invited- If I can follow and increase my readers , well its definitely a boost.

By the way one imp thing I forgot is dont rely on friends and their likes/ comments:) Theres always a cold war between your known blogger friends and you! Relying on strangers is a better option coz even if they ignore you you wont feel that bad!

 I have cribbed after long , well not so long 😉 and am feeling good about it.
Thanks folks!

Good night:)

10 thoughts on “"Indi- blogging"- A Rat Race?

  1. You know when someone is new on Indiblogger you like to have votes but in my view as a blogger you should know what you want. I write poems and I want everyone to read, enjoy and appreciate it. My idea is to share it online. Honestly, we all know what someone holds at the end of the day. Votes doesn't matter as long as you have quality content and you reach to your targeted audience.

  2. @Saru: Thanks for stopping by but am neither new nor old !
    My view as a blogger was also same till I found those tempting competitions on Indi and the way winners r chosen!

    I too said content matters but votes have their own magnetic force when U SUBMIT FOR A COMPETITION – may be i didnt add this but ya when it comes to me even if i get a single comment or even if my family appreciates – It makes my day / provided am not getting comments like ” IVOTED U TOO VOTE FOR ME” or mails requesting for votes .Its all about winning in competitions thats wat i meant.

    Anyway Thank U! Will keep wat u told in mind:)

  3. I don't think votes should really matter. I write knowing I am not a writer…except writing a dairy…and started blogging out of a whim. It's imp. to me to build relationship with my reader..One thing Indi has given me is Indian readers. Till before I joined Indi.. I hardly had any Indian readers..(except for some family and friends:( )

    By the way.. did you show that poem to your parents? Bet they were excited..:)

  4. wow! What you said is so true, but I guess there is some marketing that needs to be done too yeah?

    When I'm in marketing class I do think about how it applies to websites and the online world.

    I have noticed that.. its not only the content that matters but also the person behind the content. If you show how interesting you are ( which i'm sure many of us are in our own ways ) to many people, You'll get readers.

    Your posts reflect your mind and the person behind it.. You do need a little bit of marketing so that get more readers initially.. after that foundation is set.. it's up to the writer to give superior value to their reders ( I know i sound like a pakka nerd )

    We have to set ourselves apart Afshan.. or at least be part of a group of opinionated bloggers whom people want to listen to..

    It's hard.. but insha allah hope we can get there without too much effort!

  5. I couldn't agree with Saru, Afshan Dont give a crap about it, The votes , the comments the page views all are secondary to you and your blog.

    As long as you write with passion and a pour our your heart on it pages without prejudice then you have nothing to fear, inch by inch slowly but surely you will conquer the hearts of your readers.

  6. @Kajal: To me writing is a serious passion and I started blogging only to improvise myself and get a bunch of readers but I do agree with u! I got many followers only by Indi. Am thankful to it too but here I highlighted about competitions! Being famous/ votes do play a major role while winning! Some people dont even read and jst vote 😦 to get a vote!

    Its a race where winning is important.. Thats what I meant. Well it helps us to think and write more. In that way am thankful but votes do boost us. No one hates attention .May be I need time and effort to build Good relations with my readers.

    Thanks a lot kajal and Ya my mom read the poem.. Needless to say she got emotional

  7. @Farhan: Firstly Thanks for dropping by:)

    U r very true.I agree with // If you show how interesting you are ( which i'm sure many of us are in our own ways ) to many people, You'll get readers.

    What all U told makes sense:) but am really content that many r reading my blog now but I meant about winning competitions/votes/popular. Ya it happens by being regular and presenting ur self in a presentable way and lot of patience and time!

  8. @Rupertt: I Should sayy ur comment made my day 🙂 Whateva u told whether will happen or not (winning the hearts part;)) am sure its like music to my ears nw:) and Thanks a lot for beiing my 50th FOLLOWER!!

    U made my blog radiant like gold by being the Golden jubilee follower. THanks:)

  9. Dude, you are gonna make lot of people uncomfortable 😀

    Agree with you on some points and disagree on some.

    I think there is nothing with blogging everyday. Some people blog everyday because I heard doing it like that gives you discipline which will help you become a better writer and people just want to share whatever they feel. But, like you said they shouldn't expect such blogs(I'm talking about mediocre ones) to be winners just by banking on the votes. That would be wrong!

    Also, there is nothing wrong with writing about heart-wrenching posts about women/politics too I guess. They can write whatever they feel strongly about. To each his/her own I suppose.

    Apart from these all the other points were wonderful, especially the 9th one. I couldn't help laughing out loud. Actually it is shameless self-promotion to get male followers 😉 I mean it is understandable if fashion bloggers did that, that is what they do! But pics with the blogger wearing shorts and smug look as if “Don't I rock these shorts”, I mean who are they kidding, what are you selling here?

    This post should be added to some people's favorites so they can always get back and remind themselves about real blogging.

    Great post!!

  10. hehe ya Nandana:) firstly thanks to have read and giving ur view! I feel good 😀

    and I am never against to what people write. Its their choice. I just highlighted the competitions and winning criteria here. if u follow those ten points there are fair chances of becomng popular/ winning . Thats what I meant 🙂

    Otherrwise am really thankful to Indi for giving me all readers. I dontt think lot many will become uncomfy coz its people like me and many who become uncomfy that inspite of writing a better post theres no chance to win :)but ya Am not a popular blogger and was never top in indivine but wanting to see urself once there isnt wrong I feel 🙂

    anyway ya even if I follow all 10 I dont think I will be satisfied by my own write up 🙂 so I cant do all 10!

    Keep writing

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