Ab tak "pachpan"

No its not a sequel of ab tak chappan or any new TV show hosted by Nanapatekar and there is no remotest chance of me killing 55 as am a non-violent creature though not a staunch follower of Gandhi ! This number in a way boosts me and also I feel a bit low…Go down for more details

 55 is my number of followers. Even If I am blogging since 2007 I never was cautious about number of readers but now I feel little weird and at times low as many have become famous but am still struggling as to how to promote what I write or at times I think Let it be. Why to promote ? I would like to call them readers as followers makes me more of a politician or a person doing a morcha for a cause. They may read but mostly they dont! Many add me and then forget. You may ask me how I know this? I know coz its the same I do when there are too many blogs on my plate. After all I cant sit on lappy 24*7. 

My blogging started with a post on “Taare Zameen Par” I didnt even know that it should be termed as movie review then, though it wasnt exactly a review but it was all about how I felt after watching the movie. I very well remember the day I wrote it. I mailed to few friends of mine along with my brother and some from my close knit group introduced me to blogger.com . I did find the idea amusing.Hitherto I wrote many more movie reviews and slowly some stories and articles about peope around me ,about people who are world to me, about what kind of people I feel like having around me!

My brother encouraged me to start one and gave me tips as to how to start a blog , colors  , themes etc etc by showing his own blog “Chronicles of Shadab” . He is not blogging much these days!!!

After that one fine day there was no stopping me! Actually on a second thought there was plenty of “stopping me”. There were  flat stretches of boring routine @ work , some, OK MANY unfulfilled aspirations , some broken dreams , broken  wings , lost friends , valleys of frustration etc etc . There were too many emotions all these years of which I could not Pen down many coz blog needs a jog! I didnt meet the pace of a regular blogger . I was and am a slow cycler and I always win in it :). I dont know too many techniques to promote my blog like I wrote here  “Indiblogging- A Rat Race”

I seeked advise from many famous bloggers. Some were kind enough to give replies , some just passed on a rude smile and some were too involved (with themselves) to notice .I wondered and am still wondering how some become famous and some “ALMOST FAMOUS” – by hook or by crook.

I am always attracted to cartoons – scot adams and Bill waterson being my favourites. With that inspiration I started a series of cartoons and successfully completed 10 of Half Baked Head Series. You Can see them on my blog with a label Half Baked Head Doodles ! I am good at poetry . It always brings me in mood however bad are the days or dry!! Did it rhyme ? Oh man am in love with any thing which rhymes – Lyrics of a song , Hindi Shayri , some names which rhyme – Ofcourse my name Afshan Khan too! This love doesnt mean I would name my future kids as shahjahan khan or rizwan khan 😀 

You can check my poems tagged with label poems on my blog!

So all the above and many more things are there which inspire you or which dont inspire , some things you want to write and tell the world – SEE I CAN EXPRESS SO NICELY and then between the lines you mean “Hello. Its not free of cost ! Do drop by and read totally and leave a comment or follow me. IT WILL MAKE MY DAY” !!

But ya some how I didnt succeed as lot when then number of followers/ Readers is taken in to consideration! I guess I need to improve a bit or may be a lot !When it comes to “how to become famous”  there are only two routes as below !( I LOVED IT)

Whether I become famous in a year or two or whether  I finish my book in 2-3 years or don’t but I will keep on putting my efforts and try to become “FAMOUS” from being “Almost Famous”!

Yes thanks to the 55th follower Dr.Sneha Rahatekar (A Colloquy Of BitterSweet Love) , RuperttWind (who boosted me with few good words), all the indibloggers who are most of my readers(For those who dont know indiblogger,here you are-> “Indiblogging” )and all the readers who almost read any thing I write and even followers who added me!

Thanks to many other silent readers( It would be really great if you like some thing I write and you mind telling me that 🙂 )! It would really feel “GOOD/ GOODER/ GOODEST” and also super glad like I got too many goodies if you are kind enough to let know your opinion on any write up !! This special mention as I have followers but very less readers. If U read and let me know I will also know what you write . Its Viceversa – some one who has 200+ followers/ readers told me this! Not coz he told but I really can go to the blog and read if I know some one reads my blog too 🙂

TO my friends who are always supportive XOX (Some one told me this icon means hug! Pardon me if its not ;))

To my husband , mom, dad and bro who understand my passion for writing– Love and lots of love. I feel great to have U all. You guys holding my back is enough to keep going!!

SO till we meet again lot of love / cheers &

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