Dear Kyra,

Kyra opened the door bell to receive a courier along with a letter. She opened it and started reading.

Hey Buddy
Read on J

You remember the day Kyra when we first spoke?
Oh! It all started when I was blue with a single poke.
I failed in a exam and my heart was almost facing a stroke.
I had to discuss this with one orthe other bloke!

I gave a gentle stroke to the add friend button.
As we spoke I realised we are so similarand it can be fun!
I told we gotta meet and put full stop to the faceless talk.
You suggested we should have coffee beach side and a walk!

It is mid-may and the sun is all set to burn me.
I felt it’s not a great idea to hang around near the sea.
You said we shall wear sunglasses and take all care we need!
For once I had to trust my friend and so did I heed!!

My door bell rings and voila, there is a surprise gift.
As and when I opened there was a card handmade cute and neat.
There was a book which I always wanted with one more wrapped package!
I realised its “You” and with abroad smile I turned the book page.

As I started unwrapping the gift I was all excited.
This was the same Lakme sun-expert kit you cited.
I was happy to get all these warmsurprises.
For a moment I forgot my worries as there were only smiles!

So, we met the day we marked in the calendar.

I was glowing and confident and needed no reminder.
You were waiting for me under theshade sipping coco water near the brick.
I recognised you and you looked as pretty as you are in your profile pic!

I thought the profile pic ismodified in picasa or a pic manager,
You proved there’s no need of it as your skin-tone is not in a danger.
I greeted and hugged you and my happiness was visible on my face.
As planned we had a coffee and explored the place!

We collected some colourful shells and made a sand house.
We clicked each other, also togetherwith the timer everytime a new pose.
After long I was having fun and laughing till my stomach ached.
We had pan cakes and many more savouries baked!

Today I wanted to write this poem in the memory of that day.
Let’s plan another meet soon when we have a break in the next may.
Thank you for the good time and the wonderful Gift!
I was all rejuvenated and everyone now says am a “Happy Feet”!
Yours lovingly,
PS: Enclosed is a surprise gift from me. Please accept and plan a visit to vizag soon or let me know if we can catch up at Bombay.Till then have loads of fun!
As kyra unwrapped it there was a framed painting of them both after they swam to hearts content along with a Lakme nail polish kit
PS: All the images are googled. I dont own them!
I love lakme products. If you also do Please visit their Fb page“I-Love lakme” to knowmore

This post is for Indiblogger’s “The Lakmé Diva Blogger Contest”along wih LAKME. Do acknowledge my post “Dear Kyra”and share your views.

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