"The Proposal"- A wedding poem!

The initial shyness vanished when he smiled broad.
I shuddered thinking “what to speak next?? Oh LORD”!
I silently conveyed thanks to someone who interrupted,
for whatever I spoke sounded silly and disrupted!

Minutes passed and I found my-self relaxed.
I was naturally in to conversation, no one coaxed!
I found myself chatting, questioning and then elaborately replying:-)
Aura seemed joyful and without any reason I was smiling!

I didn’t know if it was a new bond in making.
I wasn’t even sure if I was real or I was faking!
Only thing I was sure was there was some vibe,
Pleasance occupied and there wasn’t any kind of jibe!!

He hinted a question with his eyes and I said YES.
Instantly I dreamt about me in the wedding dress!
There was no sparkle in sky and there were no stars falling down.
There were only smiles as there was no time to frown!

Its special just “He & Me”, I feel like a queen wearing Tiara and he the king with a CROWN!!

PS: I Always loved the below song. Mehndi laake gehne paake always hits  in the stomach!!

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