Memorable Nainital Pics!!

Before it gets late I want to post some Memorable snap shots from Nainital!

A horse ride for 1 1/2 hr after learning few basics – Almost all by my self , Bful evenings like a scenic wall poster came to life, hospitality and patience owned by many in such places and a warm fuzzy feeling due to all that pleasance around- Surely gonna miss it all in the buzz of the city and the networked Frnds!:( –ย Nainital – The City Of Lakes

Scroll down for Snaps!

Horse riding for the very first time!

Sat-tal Lake

Group of ducks

Solitude is bliss at times

Sat-tal(another view)

Nau”kuchiatalย Lake (the lake with 9 corners)- Largest of lakes

and here comes “Naini”Tal– Dreamy enough to not think abt any thing else in LIFE!

“Water in the middle surrounded by a calm peaceful town, away from the noise and pollution of the city with cool breeze saying “hi” every moment. Serenity at its best and nature and people equally happy with each other!”- Love this picย Nainital Lake

Evening and sunset lakeside can lead to birth of many “Poets”

Its a shahi BOAT I CAN say!!

The colors– Bangles were awesome there
saw some thing of this sort for the first time here ๐Ÿ™‚

supposedly “Himalaya view” with snow caps which were invisible in FOG and not so visible in the summer!


Candle making is famous in Nainital and I couldnt resist buying a bunch! The one in the middle (brown) is my fav!

8 thoughts on “Memorable Nainital Pics!!

  1. hey, lovely photographs!! i don't think i have seen pictures of Nainital before. amazing!! unfortunately your own photograph is not getting uploaded on indi ๐Ÿ˜€

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