Can the happening night turn to be a man’s plight??- WE CAN ONLY WISH!!

After the recent Guwahati crime felt like drawing this . I shouldnt even call it a crime, actually a heinous non human act which people in our country do and roam around royally and happily as if they have won a gold medal in some stripping competition. Shame on us. Shame on the society who can shoot but cannot stop. Shame on the manliness of people around who were actually watching (enjoying??) the act. Woman can never be safe ! We can only wish that she gets super powers when ever she comes across a monster(s) and faces them .

We can only wish. The below hypothetical cartoon just to hope and pray that a day will come when we can attack, when people will actually behave like humans, when a woman mayoppose the crime herself. !

click on the image for better view! (for some reason Image is not clear. You need to open in a new tab or please save and zoom it :-|)

My sincere advice to all women around

1.) Please dont go out to late night parties in the notorious spots/bars of a town/ city. You may argue y advise us ? why not oppose MEN! But my dear ladies as U can see we are not strong enough to fight back! How many more incidents you want?

2.)Plan any get togethers / parties / outings as much as possible in day time. For beasts it doesnt matter day or night but broad day light is safe compared to dark hours

3.) We are not given licence to weapons but I can say be atleast prepared. Be little tough and brave. I know to say its easy but just make yourself tough and strong! Carry pepper spray etc for self defence.

4.)Do not argue or try to prove your point even if you are right or complain or create a ruckus in a unhealthy non-human atmosphere

5.)Lastly Please see the below pic and teach your offsprings (SONS) along with your daughters.

Also read this–
Pigs are still slaughtered in broad day light but these people are free. Can they really meet a pig’s end!!???

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