Heroine is like a heavy dose of HEROIN- Sluggish and Drowsy

There’s very little to say about this movie which feels like a badly remade Page 3 / Fashion. If you have seen one movie you have seen them all! Madhur Bhandarkar is well known for making women centric movies specially those women who want to climb the ladder of success like in corporate or who want always to be in limelight and rule the glam-world like in page 3 and Fashion! All the 3 are memorable movies but the mistake Madhur did is tossing all these familiar elements again in to a movie like “Heroine” with skin show –check , one or two bold scenes – check , short tempered love lost lady – check and lot of glamour , make up , awesome costumes and expecting it to amuse the audience. We were ofcourse amused not by the stereotypic Madhur’s movie but by Kareena who is so rosy pink that she can turn all girls red due to jealousy !Kareena’s complexion is unmatchable and the confidence and pomp with which she carries Mahi Arora’s role is worth applause ! An impulsive Kareena suffering from Bipolar disorder – (the fact which very less people noticed / heard being told by one of the crooked faced journalists wearing those weird ornaments in the back drop )is highly emotional and reacts at anything and everything. She reminds us of none other than Kanganna Rannaut so to me its a total run-out and her PR Divya dutta again smokes, shows her skin (MOST UNWANTED SCENE of the movie) and wears similar ornaments! Needless to say Kareena is more glamorous and sexy! The story goes like this – Mahi Arora already one of the top heroines is at the zenith of success .
She Introduces herself with a drool worthy song “Mai heroine hu“ and attracts the  audience but fails to keep the same enthu intact among viewers as the movie flows. The story is predictable and the actors seem bored by their respective roles. Be it a Sanjay suri , Arjun rampal or Randeep Hooda all seemed dim and repeated kinda roles. Along with a gay role there is a sparkling Shahana Goswami in a short episode who helps Mahi with her acting in a prostitute movie and just has a lesbian “moment” with Mahi. Sorry for leaking this but trust me it’s not a spoiler worth not to be spoiled J
In the first half you will at least be engrossed in Kareena’s costumes , the LAKME eyeconic liner she used and her different shades of lipstick which make her look like a ravishing diva. She is absolutely charming and lives up to the No 1 heroine role which comes naturally to her she being one of the top heroines in bollywood. The sequence of scenes and the speed of the story is also OK in the first half but post interval where there was much scope to act where Kareena fails and the movie gets intolerable and Mahi weeps and weeps and weeps little more , ditches the loyal Angad (Randeep Hooda) as she wants to concentrate on career ,leaks the video tape with Aryan (Arjun Rampal)  to make her movie run somehow and succeeds but fails personally and emotionally and also fails to grip the audience’s attention Lwho get too bored by the plot. Her eyes were looking hurt and success-thirsty and at the same time sad at whatever she was doing .
She is a successful actress but highly insecure and emotional since the beginning of the movie. I hope film industry is not filled with many such insecure sick people who cannot control themselves and all in all I feel Madhur should come out of that Glam-world-is-a-sick-world to be zone and show something new and different.He says he has put all possible real happenings in bollywood in the movie (seems MMS Scandal happened to Kareena) but burdening all the happenings on a single Mahi Arora was the biggest mistake. She falls in to the valley of failure and depression and then comes back to surface and starts planning to be successful in her own insecure zone and audience will start yawning counting the number of times she falls and resurfaces! At one point when she wears the same black dress for 2days and keeps weeping and drinking I wanted to take out some gun and shoot her so that the movie finishes fast but unlike Kanganna she doesn’t die but moves on and moves out of bollywood, India and flies somewhere in Europe to live like a non-celeb and normal person.
“Phew”! We were very happy when the movie finally ended and from the moment I came out of theatre I am appreciating Fashion much more for being a better watch, with better music, undoubtedly better performance by Priyanka Chopra , Mugdha Godsey and every one ! Other than Kareena all roles seemed wasted to me and flow of scenes is illogical!
If  you are a hard core Kareena fan you can go to the movie. Her halkat jawani is enticing of course. You may laugh at me but I feel like watching Fashion now and plugged to Fashion ka Jalwa right now as I feel like enjoying the old wine in old bottle! One thing to be happy about is Aish getting pregnant and walking out of the movie. It would have been a third degree torture if there was no Kareena. “Celebrities are those who struggle to be invited first by the front doors and then fight to run out through the back stage” is true and Madhur portrayed it well in all the movies but Madhur sir please show in your next movie that bollywood is not filled with all psychotic, homosexual , moral less and short tempered blokes and damsels now that every scene of yours is getting UN-realistic due to melodrama and hysteria
My rating – 1.5 / 5

6 thoughts on “Heroine is like a heavy dose of HEROIN- Sluggish and Drowsy

  1. Hi,

    Liked your review…one thing that was how-larious…was ur comment on the 2 day extended climax scene where u wanted to take a gun shoot the actresses to put an end to the movie.

    Also loved ur last remarks…good one…keep it up!

  2. @Rakesh: haha
    Thanks a lot
    yep movie undoubtedly is torture… Writing a review for torture movies is always a challenge 😉
    good to see ur comment
    keep reading

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