Those who say Change the attire must retire!!

We all now know what 16/12 is known for – A gang rape. It feels utterly disgusting to say that a date is marked in the calendar like any other date with historical importance say 26/01 or 15/08 . Am not sure if I will ever feel the spirit of freedom or independence but I will for ever feel the pangs of threat , misery , fear and a continuous shadow of judgement will be cast on me.

After the crime happened there was no stopping to other crimes.  Sad but the crime seems to have provided motivation and inspiration to many criminals around!In Punjab another similar gang rape happened and my head keeps buzzing with same news every day. Media has its full attention as people are tuned to news channels every day. I stopped watching TV after the protests and the death of  the constable as I couldn’t bear the directionless bombardment of the news. Some named her Damini and some Nirbhaya and some dying to be under spot light shared her fake photos , her dads photos and what not . Her nomenclature was not enough to make her a dare devil enough to fight for life ! The bruises will always be fresh and the crimes are not stopping !

I was in airport the day I heard that she died. I felt connected to her , the reasons might be news channels or the genuine concern of her brother which I read in Indian Express  where he said , “Its like the life we lived before , never existed” or just simply because she was also like any other girl who was leading her life quite normally till that second! We all shuddered at the brutality of the act and I felt nothing but hatred towards many half baked heads who list down meaningless tips every day for the safety of girls like below!

  1. Ban the jeans
  2. Ban  the mobiles
  3. Go home straight from schools and colleges
  4. Don’t go out late in the night
and what not ? ! I wonder if Jeans reveal more than a saree does ? I wonder if the saree clad ladies are spared !! The meaningless statements by Abhijit Mukherjee likes made my head spin at 90 rpm! Then came the Asharam baba who said Girl should have pleaded with the men saying you are like my brother . Please leave me. The khaaps , politicians , babas all competed with each other to give their best performance as stand up comedians.
The True state of our Country.  It lies in the eyes of the beholder . A dirty mind  has a dirty vision of every thing . Hence its my plea to all the babblers to shut their filthy mouths and think on why IS THERE A NECESSITY to RAPE? Why cant a rapist be punished irrespective of age ? Does a rapist really spare a women clad in a saree or burqa?

The sad state of my country troubles me. The way the people keep thinking even after such a brutal act worries me. I don’t feel safe in any place where a bunch of baboons think the same !Am glad Supreme court opposed the KHAAPS saying they can’t declare what all a girl should do for her safety !!

Dont tell ur Daughter, not to go out. Tell ur Son to behave “properly”. The Bengaluru Men protest for women !

Some how I feel the change will come eventually . I feel humanity still exists and it will lead to sanity. I see that people are not resisting the in-justice like before. I hope and pray this act should not give birth to many more acts.

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