"The Satin Care" gifted her a divine evening!

I wish she had opted for her hair removal.
Instead she worried about the never ending hair fall.
Hair on face or legs and hands doesn’t make her look royal!
I wanted to give an advice to her like a pal.

She entered the room wearing a beautiful smile.
Her dream man had put forward his hand to shake.
The smile faded and he actually had to fake.
For when he hugged her It was like getting brushed by a kiwi pile!

She was confused thinking of the ways to attract him.
She checked her reflection as she believed she was slim.
I stood near to her pointing her satin gown.
She checked if her gown had any dirt marks with a frown!

I couldn’t resist any longer and told her what I wanted to.
She understood the problem but was not sure what to do.
Willing to help her out I gifted her a “Gillete satin care“.
She felt smooth and her new avatar was not of a hare or a bear.
Her arms and legs were long, clean and silky at which forever you can stare!

This time she entered the room wearing the new crown of confidence.
It felt good to see that they happily hugged each other, there was no fence.
Their date was happening and filled with fun , food , dance and romance.
She called me and screeched happily conveying a big thanks!

A satin gown failed but Gillete satin care succeeded in making her presentable.
She indeed looked perfect and her sexy legs made her capable and unbeatable.
Along with Miss beautiful smile, Miss silk and smooth is her new tag.
Gillete became the most favorite product in her vanity bag!!

Someone once threw me a small, brown, hairy kiwi fruit, and I threw a wastebasket over it until it was dead.
-Erma Bombeck- 

Kill the unwanted hair and see how much you will be wanted 😉

This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with BlogAdda.com

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