My story ideas for "Get Published contest" by Harpercollins and Indiblogger

Hello all

A big Thanks to all who voted till now! I have poor PR skills and was overjoyed when all friends and family voted and when many ACTUALLY read the post before they voted 🙂 🙂

This is my last vote appeal post. Getting published is linked to votes and hence I gotta promote mine.
 I WOULD BE REALLY GLAD IF U READ AND PROMOTE THEM. How to promote is highlighted in blue below!! and my new story idea is at

Old ones are at 
Dead line to submit is JAN 23rd! Please do not vote blindly on just this post WITH OUT READING. 

To know more about GET PUBLISHED contest go to( by Indiblogger in association with Harper Collins. You all know how tough it is to contact publishers and see your work in print.  Even in this contest unfortunately it depends on “VOTES”.
All you need to do is go to the below links and click on the red heart to show your love ♥  🙂 you may click on it with the indiblogger , facebook or any online accounts U have!

You may make my dream come true by helping me take this first step!

Please go to the links below and promote my story ideas. Well if the ideas are really lousy you may ignore! 🙂
Click the like with your indiblogger account or any other online account you have (yahoo, gmail etc).
If I get published I will give you a treat if we meet 😉  
 Please do the honors and promote me. Ok. Now I sound like a political leader desperate for a MP/ MLA seat.

This means more than that to me 🙂
Spare 15min to read and vote.PLEASE share it among your friends and office networks. Will really appreciate it 🙂 🙂 SHOW SOME love and vote for me!

Loads of love and Thanks

1 thought on “My story ideas for "Get Published contest" by Harpercollins and Indiblogger

  1. Wow, I'm struggling here to rattle up at least one post n u hv three!! Not Fair!! 😀

    All the best Afshan.. me loved the Love-net on the Net one.. pretty cool idea 🙂

    All the best Afshan 🙂

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