The title should have been "Matru Ke Bijlee ka Mandola ki Gulabo " – A review :P

Directed by
Vishal Bhardwaj
Writing credits
Vishal Bhardwaj dialogue
Vishal Bhardwaj screenplay
Abhishek Chaubey screenplay
Sabrina Dhawan script consultant

(From IMDB)


 Pankaj KapurImran Khan and Anushka Sharma , Shabana Azmi, Arya Babbar

Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola – As and when I heard this name it felt like some Nelson Mandela’s Indianised autobiography or some thing. To add to my belief there were few South African dancers as well. I thought its a movie which will show whites Vs blacks issue or some thing close to that :P. Demolishing all my guess works the movie surprised me with fresh entertainment. My love towards bollywood only increases due to these new refreshing ideas and the new style in which they are executed. However this movie has its flaws!

Trailers failed to draw me towards theater which showed a piyakkad Pankaj Kapur and Anushka who is coming out of the pond comfortably as if she is a mermaid showing her famous tattoo, the image of which was viral over the net , a UFO scene and our chocolate boy Imran Khan who tries his level best to look rough and untidy but still has chocolate flavor intact. In-spite of not getting attracted to trailers I went to the movie as I got positive feed back from few!

Story Line : The basic idea of the story is age old which is Rich Vs Poor . A rich real estate businessman/ capitalist Mr. Harry Mandola after whom the village is named , his rich rebellious daughter who is hard out side but soft inside who suffers from Meenakumari complex is played by Anushka aka Bijlee Mandola. She wants to save the cheated, devastated people and hence joins hands with Matru who is Mandola’s left hand cum Alcohol partner. The opening scene itself is very slow where Matru and Mandola run over a alcohol shop when the owner refuses to give them Gulabo- the local drink of Mandola. The film has a rebellious character Mao Tse-tung(a Chinese leader) who wants to save the villagers, whose where abouts are known to none.

Mandola is a Gulabo addict and he is much wiser when he is drunk and becomes a villian again when he is sober. He even provokes the villagers to protest against himself when he is drunk 🙂 . He has visions of a pink Bhains (buffalo) when he stops drinking. The scene where Pankaj Kapur is being tested by a psychiatrist and he says he is seeing pink buffalos is hilarious as Docs wife wears pink track suit. Due to his drinking problem their dream to construct factories in the farmer’s fields gets hampered. Enters Shabana Azmi a political leader on whom Pankaj Kapur aka Mandola has deep crush. She needs Mandola’s help and money to fulfill their dearest dream. Her Son Badal played by Arya Babbar’s wedding is fixed with Bijlee but soon she realizes she doesn’t love him and wants to run away with Matru.  The scene where Shabana lands at Mandola and the way police officers receive her controlling the puke due to the previous nights drinks is both hilarious and irksome 🙂

The cameos done by Ranvir shorey and his wife are not worth mentioning and the songs are always finished in a hurried pace hence I cant say music is gripping or pleasant. Oy Boy Oy Boy charlie the karaoke style song is the one I loved most !

How the story unfolds and how the alcohol-vice makes an otherwise Mandola a wise man and whether it will save every one has to be watched on the screen!

  • The plus points of the movie are the silly comic tit bits like a flying UFO scene and the HARYANA tv reporter covering the news, where actually Mandola’s copter crashes when he flies it after drinking Gulabo
  • The CGI gulabo or the pink buffalo by  Govardhan Vigraham breathes life in to the movie and I specially loved the below caption.

  • Pankaj Kapur is the hero of the movie. He pulled off the role with ease and all the silly scenes seemed lively due to him. He is quirky , whacky , strong and looks like suffering from a dual personality disorder—-when drunk and when sober.
  • Anushka’s last drunk scene is damn natural and makes you slightly emotional.
  • Shabana azmi who played the role of chief minister of the state is good as always and gave a tough competition to Pankaj Kapur . She did justice to her role and the absurd scenes where she prays to rain god to stop rains and many more are laughable due to her. How ever her exit scene and her speech etc could have been much better.
  • The opening song where there is a Khatra in every thing is funny and the message Cigarette smoking is injurious to health is rightly done

  • If any Imran Khan fans are reading this please excuse me but this man is not made for these tough roles. He gulps when he has to deliver Haryanvi dialogues. Ajay Devgan or even Pratik Babbar would have done a better job.
  • Pankaj Kapur’s drunk accent has gone to toss. There were subtitles in many theaters it seems but unfortunately we didn’t have that provision , hence I could not decode his slurry heavily drunk words fully!
  • Bijlee was convincing in many scenes but she looked slightly artificial and  over did in few scenes or may be it was meant to be like that , like the one where she runs baadal tum kahaaaaaaan ho and few more! Baadal was more convincing in that scene.
  • Repetitiveness of Gulabo bhains scene
  • The script is not intriguing as it is sluggish and goes haywire when you feel you actually may get absorbed in the movie. The capitalist is filthily rich with his hoardings all over the place but why and how he became rich is not at all shown or may be Bharadwaj felt its not necessary!
  • The film needs hell lot of editing as the scenes are confusing highlighting the burning problems one minute and then diluting them altogether in the next and the scenes should also have picked up pace.

Lastly Kudos to Vishal Bharadwaj as he carries the movie on his shoulders and acts like a one man army. He directs , writes , does screen play and gives music to the movie too. He definitely is flooded by talent pools but I feel a little more finesse is needed to this movie. Nevertheless I liked this more than 7 khoon maaf or Kaminey

 I go with 2.5 stars – 1.5 to Pankaj Kapoor and 1 to Gulabo 😉 I still laugh when I hear a cow bell sound 😀

Movie rating – 2.5/5

12 thoughts on “The title should have been "Matru Ke Bijlee ka Mandola ki Gulabo " – A review :P

  1. Nice review! Story line seems interesting. SO Pankaj Kapur is the hero, good. Never had much faith in Imran anyway, this is not his cup of tea.

    Though I wouldn't dare to Anushka Sharma after JTHJ. She is mistaking over-action for tomboyish-ness. The girl seems so insecure, she should sort herself out first and then try to actually act.

  2. Pankaj kapur actually carried movie on his shoulders.
    Imran is well so so ….
    Anushka became a thin STICK
    she was adorable in Rab ne….not sure wat happened nw
    she is good in few scenes, over did few!!
    I think she can do lot better

  3. very detailed review . . though the trailer and the rusty feel of it did intrigue me , i havent watched it yet . . maybe i will go for it . . thanks for the review 🙂

  4. Seen the movie. This is what i felt

    1. The movie was looking unrealistic
    2. Limosines, Bentley, Such huge house in a village quite contradictory
    3. Imrans accent was pathetic
    4. Anushka seems to be too loud in all the scenes
    5. A very unrealistic story where drunken Pankaj Kapur's dialogues just sucks and seems he is murmuring the dialogues instead delivering them.

    Overall i rate this movies as 2/10.

    Tamashaezindagi FB Page

  5. @Maliny : Movie is good if U ignore few bits and pieces.
    THanks for dropping by 🙂

    @R-A-J : Ya few repetitive scenes and few long stretches. If u minus them movie is enjoyable

  6. @Johnny Samjhdar: Yep I agree with U
    SPecially I cudnt make out any word when he was heavily drunk ! It was all slurry
    Acting was natural but it got boring as I didnt get half of the dialogues. But looks like many enjoyed the haryanvi accent

  7. @Being Fab : Yep movie is worth a one time watch . If u know haryanvi accent thoroughly U will njoy to the fullest. Even if u dont kno u will njoy 🙂 Pankaj kapur ruled

    @saro : movie is not that bad. You might try it..2012 has been a real good year for hindi movies . Trust me. Go for all the hits. I believe u will like them
    thanks for dropping by

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