"The Agony of a Mother"

agony of a mother The Agony Of A Mother

The Agony Of A Mother

Having you with me was my dearest dream.
I thought your favorite place on the earth was my lap.
I gave my best to you and dreamt to see you at zenith.
You trap someone and it pains me to see you doing it blithely!
I try to teach you to be civil and show you the right path.
You grow and make me face your caustic wrath.
Your acts and its  aftermath make me sick and sad.
You have a disease which has no cure, an idiopathic!
It’s a girl on whom you mercilessly stomped.
I hang my head in shame as I did not succeed in stopping you.
I wish I had destroyed you inside the womb.
Your momentarily sad tomb would have given many a lifelong peace!
Unfathomable was my love towards you.
Unconditional was my support, and the feelings true.
You make a woman your victim and feel victorious.
Before you became treacherous, I wonder if I should have killed you.
I never dreamt a toddler to a boy to man metamorphosis is so gruesome.
I could never imagine the evil behind the handsome and tender face.
I did not stop you when you teased and objectified a woman.
You enjoyed your acts and I repented and moaned as a mother.
Today you raped me and every other woman in this nation.
You scared and scarred every woman and fulfilled your ambition.
I wish I could kill you with my own hands and end the vice.
I wish god is watching and never forgives you even after your demise!
Originally published in:“The views paper”

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