“ME Vs me” – “HEART Vs head”

WOW Post for blogadda.com for the FEB 22 week

When I see him the time flies.
When he leaves the clock halts.
When he is around it is colorful.
When he is around the rest of the world is blurry.
When he is around my speech gets slurry!

When he smiles the rainy day becomes sunny.
With his burning stares even the sunny day becomes rainy.
When he holds my hand I shiver even in the hot summer.
When he talks, I bloom even if the leaves and flowers wither!

I try looking my best when he is in vicinity.
I check my reflection in any mirror which passes by.
He comes and goes every day like a passing cloud.
My heart speaks everything which cannot be told aloud!

“I love you”, I whispered in my head many times.
Whenever I face him the words in my heart are like chimes.
The words travel to my head and they oscillate, sink and rise.
When they come out of my mouth they all vaporize!
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My heart says, “Go. Hug him and show how much you love him.”
My head pleads, “Wait. Check if he feels the same or it’s just a whim.”
Head calms down the heart and in solitude my heart screams.
There are two people in me battling and residing in their own realms.

My heart nudged me to say yes and my head as always hinted a no.
I decided I will listen to my heart, pour it all and let him know.
He approached and my heart beat raced and head spun.
He hugged me tight and whispered, “I love you like I love none!”

My heart danced in joy and my head joined hands with it.
It was dim but in my eyes thousands of lights were lit.
I couldn’t frame my words and did not reply a yes to him.
Heart spoke to heart without the need of words.
The battle of heart and head was won without the need of swords!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

14 thoughts on ““ME Vs me” – “HEART Vs head”

  1. @Akanksha : Thanks for reading it 🙂 and thanks for complis 🙂
    Yep some times heart finds it way but there are times when head wins too 😉

    @Krittika : Thanks for reading , following and commenting . Will surely go thru ur blog 🙂

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