"April"- A happening month – My first post for "A to Z blogging challenge"

The first post of “A to Z” challenge

April is special to me in many ways. My date of birth is April 18th . My close cousins’ birthdays fall on april 8th , 9th and 17th and few other friends also have their birthdays in April. It was really a surprise to me when I came to know that a teammate and also a classmate during my job training who became my friends share their birthdays with me . They are elder to me but it didn’t matter. This similarity strangely brought us close and we became good friends. Till date its exciting to wish them happy birthday . I always wish them like this – “heyyya my  Bday partner ! Have loads of fun 🙂 “

April always used to be special in school as the annual exams used to be in the same month. Even if the month starts with the fun of fooling each other with silly pranks and remembering to not get fooled on April 1st there actually is no fooling around as the year end exams tie a tight noose around the neck 😦  Unfortunately I even used to hate April due to the same reason. I used to slog on April 17th for some math or science exam on April 18 and I hate Mathematics due to the only reason that I always used to lose one or two marks which halted the 100/100 score which is just two to three steps away! I used to longingly look at the sweets and chocolate boxes bought for me but hidden in the top most rack in the kitchen so that I don’t waste time digging in to them 😦  I used to take interim breaks and have a glance at “my sweets and chocolates” guessing what all delicacies are waiting for me inside. It used to become a “Pandora’s box” in my case as I longed to open it and always landed in troubles. I never studied on April 17th but miraculously I used to do well on April 18th. May be I used to be in a jolly mood which always eased me before exam. As and when the exam finishes I used to run out to distribute chocolates but many used to leave as and when they complete their exam 😦

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Image 2

On one such birthday my favorite teacher assembled every one so that I don’t get disappointed 🙂 I felt more special that day. April always ended with final exam results and limitless happiness as summer holidays followed for the next two months. Just the thought of what all we can do in those days used to make me jump in joy. The momentary sadness of not scoring 100 in maths was diluted by the endless joy and the plans for the forthcoming days.

April also marks the onset of summer which is marked by occasional downpours , passing clouds and rainbows , starch clothes, mangoes , Rasna  in those days , the fresh fragrance of Jasmine, the bicycle rides, short road trips , trips to ice cream parlors and addas(hangout spots with friends) , the evening cool breeze under the Neem trees of school ground and lazing under trees with ice candies and kulfi hours together. By mid June we used to be so jubilant that we actually would be looking forward to enter the new class room , buy new books , stickers , brown sheets and uniforms. Aaah!!. The surge of those memories makes me feel alive again.

Time flew and we grew . We have weekends now which evaporate in no time.

Take out time and have the summer fun even if you don’t get a 2 month summer break. Make some lemonades , mojitos , buy cotton clothes , go on vacations and enjoy the hot “April” in what ever way possible to you.

This April is special and happening to me due to one of the most awesome challenges which can actually bring me on blogging track again .The best part of this challenge is there is no “competition” and “rat race” with the pressure of winning and losing . You can jog on the track with pleasure 🙂
If you are suffering from writer’s block this is the best challenge you can take. Visit “this” site and sign up asap to begin with the challenge. You should chose a theme per day starting from alphabet “A” to “Z” for the whole month of April skipping the Sundays  Visit the site to know more.Even if I cannot time travel and live my childhood days again I believe I can relive all the moments through this awesome opportunity.  I am ecstatic about the happening April I am about to have . Are you ?

By the way this is my first post of “A to Z” Challenge. While you are here do check “this” awesome group created by Corrine on FB for all those who are participating. Doing a task in a group always is effortless 🙂

PS: I don’t own the above images.
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27 thoughts on “"April"- A happening month – My first post for "A to Z blogging challenge"

  1. Oh Wow! It sure is a happening month for you, Afshan! OMG… you fret for losing a mark or 2 in Maths and you are a Maths genius!! Amazing!! I could just managed to get 60-70% and Maths was my least favorite subject! 😛

  2. Advance birthday wishes afshan and april looks like loads of happening for you. Maths was never my fav subject though I did manage to get good marks and only becoz of hardwork 🙂

  3. @Ranjana : Thank U 🙂

    @Ruchira : Yep thats the blissful feeling any one can have in april- END Of exams. Phew

    @Shilpa: Hehhe.. I didnt actually fret but it used to irritate me that I got marks between 95-99 😦 and never a 100. I had the burden of being a topper 😛

  4. @Suzy : Thanks for visiting my blog too. Some how I always bump in to aprilites or people who say they have close ones bdays/events in April. It for sure is a special month 🙂

    @Alka Gurha : Your comments are always delightful. THanks for dropping by 🙂

    @Shail : Enjoy your time with them. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  5. @Priya Sreeram: I too never liked maths. I specially hated Geometry – Circumcircles/ excircles and what not. I never opted maths later in my life but it always opted me in one form or the other 😦 Maths creeps up in every subject 🙂

    Btw thanks a bunch for adv bday wishes

  6. April seems like a special month to you. And what memories your post brings, lovely read Afshan 🙂

    Thanks for inviting for this exciting challenge.

  7. Ya but the immediate holidays make it much more exciting nai 🙂 With two kids U know better but next two mnths actlly is HECTIC to parents 😀
    Good luck ROshni. THanks for dropping by

  8. You have nailed it girl!!! How so very easily you have taken me to bygone happy days. Such a happy happy post. 🙂

    And OMG!!!! You used to score almost a 100 in maths????

    And i want my glass of Rasna now. 🙂

    Advance Happy B'day to you Afshan. and no i am not an Aprilite but a MayD'lite 😛

  9. @Monika Manchanda : THanks . Same to U!

    @preetilata : Yep !! It was blissful to write this yar ! haha ya it was Always almosst 100 :-/ some times even less 😛
    I too feel like making rasna this may. I Will try
    U r indeed a may- delight 🙂 THank u

    @Me : Grt to know that. THanks for the comment

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