"E" for "Eid/ Eid-ul-fitr"

Eid month is auspicious for any Muslim. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar and the end of the month is celebrated as Eid-ul-fitr or Ramzan! “Zakat” is followed in this month where wheat , fruits , dates are given to the poor. The month just swiftly finishes .People observe fasting the whole month where they should not drink or eat from dawn to dusk. They offer prayers and attend sermons and recite Quran.

The significance is the revealation of holy Quran during this month. The month actually helps to improve patience, to do few good deeds which I personally feel should be done in any month any day! This month gives a chance for a good change every year. The month starts with a crescent moon  and ends with the crescent moon. The moon marks the start of “Ramadan” and the beginning of fasting. The meal early in the morning just after the 1st prayer(1st of all five in the day) which is called Fajr Namaaz is called 
“Suhoor” Or “Sahri”. The meal which is taken by the end of the day to break fast just before the “Magrib Namaz” (Prayer of the evening) is called “Iftar” . This process through out the month needs lot of discipline and perseverance . Usually people meet in groups and make few delicacies as part of Iftar. In Hyderabad Iftars are huge affairs which are enjoyable and interesting as you actually meet people in person.

The crescent moon depicting on set of Ramadan month: Image source: Wiki

The whole month is a celebration as people go to each others homes for “Iftars”. You must have seen in news papers where politicians attend Iftars. Of course they attend for votes but they always get a golden chance to taste the best food! I am not saying this as I belong to Hyderabad but this city is the best place for food specially when it comes to non-veg. People from any part of India feel comfortable in Hyderabad. Almost all know about Hyderabadi Biryani. One more delicacy of Hyderabad is “Haleem” . This is made in the month of Ramzan. It is heavenly and easily digestable. The process of making it is very tough and the outcome is mind blowing. The recipe we followed to make it at home is “here”  if interested! The below is the pic of Haleem made by Master chef of our home- “my husband” who is a great cook and extremely patient when it comes to cooking. Ya ya I keep hearing “You are so lucky afshaaaaaaan” quite often but I learnt cooking and manage pretty well too 🙂 There are many outlets in Hyderabad but famous is Pista house  due to which traffic jams are bound to happen in the busiest centers in Ramzan month. They do national and international business too ! Sarvi is another famous outlet.  Not only Muslims but also Hindus , Christians and people from every caste and creed participate in celebrations by being part of Iftars and wishing their Muslim friends. There are real stories where I heard a Hindu also observed fast along with his Muslim friend to test his patience and to know how it feels!

It indeed feels heavenly when you break the fast. You understand the value of water, food and you realize how lucky you are that you don’t have to starve for days like many people below the poverty line!

Haleem we made at home. It is Yummylicious!

Sheer khurma is one more delicacy of Eid day. I can just skip lunch and have it the whole day. I just close my eyes when I taste the first spoon of Sheer khurma/ Sevayya made by my mom. There are many more varieties in it . The one made with condensed milk , another which is actually not a sweet but its served hot along with minced mutton or kheema and the last one made at my home which is my favorite is dum ke sevayya ! The below is a snap shot of what I had last Eid

From left go clockwise- Chauba or topping which has scrapped coconut , pista , baadam , kismis and all kind of dry fruits and mothers unbounded love ;),  Kheema vaale seviyan (Hot) , Sheer khurma and Dum ke seviyan!
I can write much more about Ramzan and the happening Hyderabad , how the city glows even after midnight those 30 days but I decided to keep it simple with few glorious pics of Eid  which are clicked at my home every year! Here you go:

Shaami cutlet (cutlet with mutton+eggs) . MOUTH WATERING they are
I love mehndi and I applied this

All three kinds made at my place

Yeah Thats me 😉

Now I badly want to make sheer khurma but it never tastes like the one made by mom. I am sure  I tickled your taste buds 😉 I would really love to have  a creative bunch at home tasting my mom’s cuisines. I am sure you will remember the taste of Biryani made by my mom forever !!Hope you enjoyed the post . It feels like Ramzan is tomorrow to me now 🙂

Anyway after reading this “Eid ke chaand mat hojaana!!” It usually means don’t disappear. Don’t become the crescent moon of Eid. Usually used for people who are busy and never show up at any place or event.

Last and not the least is “Eidi” which is the best part of the Eid. You get money and goodies from sibblings , cousins , parents and elders. Can any kind of earning give more happiness than this 🙂 ?
Happy “E” day folks. Blog mubaarak ho aap sab ko;) Thanks for feeding oops reading ! Now pass on “Eidis'” err I mean comments 🙂

This is my 5th post for  “A to Z blogging Challenge 2013” !

35 thoughts on “"E" for "Eid/ Eid-ul-fitr"

  1. Eid ka chand kaise ho jaun ye sab padne ke baad? Okay, tell me once again, WHERE do you stay in Hyderabad and WHEN are you taking me to meet your Mom? 😀 😀 Oh girl! You have me drooling all over the keyboard.
    My son (who is in Hyderabad) told me the last time I went over that I simply SHOULD have this thing called Haleem. It SO VERY tasty. But unfortunately I did not have time/opportunity. May be next time.

  2. Yum! Wonderful post. It's me from D is for Delhi. I wanted to make sure you saw my reply to your comment:

    Thanks for stopping by, Afshan. I'm sure a lot of my experience is because this was 1989 and I was a 24-year-old traveler…we didn't have a lot of money to spend. I love to travel and lived in Japan for 3 years so it's not that I don't have an appreciation for foreign cultures, I assure you. I didn't have a travel agent…we were on our own. I'm sure I would have had a very different experience if I had been traveling with more money to spend. I'm sorry that you feel I projected it in a bad light. Delhi was a hard awakening for me after leaving Indonesia–my husband proposed to me in Udaipur later in our trip, and I do have many positive memories of India.

  3. Reminds me of my favorite song – “Youn shabnami, Pehle nahithee Chandni” from Saavariya:-)

    That was 'very' informative. Thanks for my first look at Haleem – In my mind's eye – I always perceived it as white and kheer looking every time I saw that crazy crowd in front of Bawarchi clamoring for it. Awesome choice of topic for E!

  4. I have good old memories of Ramadan while I was staying at Pune with a roomie ( and bestest friend) She used to fast and I used to make sure that she eats properly in the evening. She helped me cook even though she used to be damn tired after a full day's work and fast. And since she is one of my best friends, I useed to give her 'Eidi' as wel! 🙂 We spent a lovely time together and used to celebrate all festivals with equal excitement. Incidentally, today is her Birthday and I can't stop thinking about her. This post reminded me so much of the little angel, that she has been to me!

  5. Akanksha U totally reminded me what I FORGOT !
    How could I forget mentioning it.
    Eidi was the best part of Eid. Getting goodies and money. Can any thing feel more good 🙂 !!
    Glad you could revive so many good memories. You are such a sweet person to cook for ur bestie. I would not have done that . I would prefer some one cook for me !!

    Keep rocking

  6. Kya yar Afshan..I was recovering from an upset tummy and you post these pics..not fair da…
    Haleem….it couldn't come any sooner.:(
    I love Hyderabad in the Rmazan month, especially our mehdipatnam, tollichowki area…everyone is roaming and there's beautiful aroma in the air, delicious food, ah!
    Lovely lovely post. This time when you come, I will get Mehndi from you, I won't doze off like last time 😛 Try to come once before ridhima's marriage, girls nght out

  7. @Blogwati Gee : Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂 Glad u liked

    @Sridevi : Thanks for reading it totally. Thanks for compli . Ya sevaiyya is so tempting . Am craving fr some nw

  8. U shud come and when U come message me I will make sure U will get what all I listed. Plan it in Ramzan month. Will be easy for me but I myself am in Bangalore so I too need to plan 🙂 Thanks for tweeting my post Shail !!
    That was so thoughtful. AM NOT TWEEPSON 😦
    Ur son in HYD !! I am sure he enjoys the food
    Thanks for dropping by
    Happy weekend!

  9. Thanks Doodling words.
    If U have been to Hyd U shud have seen it ?
    But any way more than Bawarchi Its pista house which is famous

    Thanks fr reading

  10. @Ruchira : Thanks yar !for mehndi compli and ya Am also hungry nw 😦 specially due to boring food I cook for my self

    @Bonnie : Thanks for reading!

  11. @Shilpa : Haha . Hope u had a sumptuous meal Shilpa 🙂 Thanks for commenting

    @Cynthia : 🙂 U shud taste Haleem If at all you come to Hyd
    Thanks for visiting my blog

  12. @Nandana : heheh U dont know how tortorous it was to write this and have phulka and dal . I am coming this month end. Will call You. I have already told mom to make some biryani Evn if am on diet :'( SOB !
    This time for Ramzan U all come to my place 🙂
    YA I like applying mehndi if u have patience to sit 😛 RIDHIMA”S marriage yar
    I am really hoping to make it 😦 😦

    @Janu : Ya seviyyan is too heavenly to me. Thanks fr reading


  13. Got to learn so much about Ramzan. Beautiful post. And girl! The pictures are so gorgeous. I am craving to eat some. Wish to taste your maa ke haath ki biryani. I have a friend who on his recent trip to hyderabad ate so much of biryani that his friend wondered and said that he has never met anyone before who could eat so much of biryani. He ate biryani subah, shaam, raat on his all 4 days of stay there.

    I loved the henna designs too. 🙂

  14. I love Hyderabaadi biryani! Thanks so much for the haleem recipe! I am pinning it to my Pinterest board and will try it when we have a party of non-veg friends! I did try to fast alongside my Muslim friend once, but I gave up by lunch! LOL!!

  15. I had a solid wave of nostalgia, thinking of my friends in Hyderabad. I spent most of my life there…and have a special place for it in my heart. Your mehendi looks beautiful (you have pretty hands). Festivals are so wonderful! Love your enthusiasm, Afshan!

  16. hahhaha ya it happens only in hyd;)
    People have mid night biryanis here. A true biryani loving city 😛
    Not good for calories though ! Ya sure . If U come to Hyd let me know 😀

  17. @Roshni AaMom : My pleasure Roshini 🙂 Ya fasting is very tough.

    @Vidya Sury : Great I could take u in to your memories. Thanks for ur compliments btw

    @Mashedmusings ::P Lol !! ya pista house has a outlet in Delhi I guess. U can get Haleem

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