"J" for "Jumping Jhapak" – How much I hate it!

For those who don’t know what it is – It is the most irritating , ear rattling ad-song which is titled as “IPL anthem” for the year 2013. What ? You don’t even know what IPL is . It is Indian Paisevaalon’s league (Rich people’s league) where various rich people come together and buy teams , cheer leaders , discuss the match, sing songs and dance to the ads. The time of the year cricketers and also commoners get loads of chances to act in ads. Not that in other days the players don’t get ads to act but IPL is totally their time. They can burn their asses and also earn a lot. I don’t mind if Virat Kohli is acting. He has those model looks;)

 Actors buy teams and feel good they are in the top rated names. While few are good business men with or with out knowing Chanakya Niti and management , few others are just trying to butt in to something as their careers in bollywood are over and “out”.Clean bowled I must say. In a movie Kareena Kapoor says she will buy IPL team when her career ends. It became quite an issue even if the movie was lousy enough and she could have considered her own statement if there were no Talaash and Fevicol for her (her hit movie and an item song respectively) !

Coming back to IPL. It actually means Indian Premier League, a Twenty 20 champion ship where various cricket teams come together and play for long till a team wins. Initiated by Lalit Modi it is head quartered at Bombay. Along with Cricketers there are too many to name who earn butt loads of money , hence the abbreviation by me (Indian Paisevaalon’s league ). There’s no denying few freshers also get a chance to act , sing or dance during this season. I am no cricket savvy and every year I watch IPL only to find the easily embedded glitz and glamour in the sweaty wraps of bat and ball 😛  (no pun intended). I also watch to catch a glimpse of any friends who visited the stadium or to check out how much hot SRK was on that hot day . I infact watched IPL finals last year only as I wanted KKR to win. I wanted KKR to win only after the Wankhede fiasco. For those who don’t know what it is all about go to“SRK’s brawl at Wankhede” . While the brawl definitely made IPL a juicy affair last year the variety of news and the rewinds and repetitions grabbed the eye balls of the nation irrespective of the other important news. I need not mention ours is a star crazy country.

Later few articles came in to light where it was clear that SRK was also abused and whatever might be the reality I got interested in the final match in which KKR was playing and korbo lorbo jeetbore happened which made me happy. Much on SRK love later 😛

I watched IPL opening but to me it is boring to watch Cricket every day. May be I will watch just the final combat. Even this year the juicy news started on day one itself. Some one’s status on FB got moral police’s attention where he updated that Mamata Banerjee attended IPL opening ceremony ignoring the SFI leader Sudipto’s murder. For more “here” . This just proves we love making every thing juicy and spicy.
Coming back to Jhumping Jhapak there are many IPL ads every year which are quite innovative and interesting to watch like the one below.I loved the below ad and used to have a good laugh.

Please check the videos on You tube. For some reason they are blocked. If you can’t view the above video watch it at :Awesome creativity for IPL Ad”

 Unlike all the ads which were fun to watch year by year this year Farah Khan came up with her Jhumping Jhapak(not sure if its jhapang :-o) anthem which I found  is least creative , ridiculous and damn boring after it got telecasted the first 5-6 times . If it is a sixer I will do a random step and clap and shout rather than remembering her steps. Why should she have to scare the daylights out of a person to make him/ her dance ? 😦 I tried finding humor in the ad and badly failed. Not even in my worst dreams I will practise those steps. May be this ad created the milieu for IPL for few but to me it spoiled the milieu!

Below is a glimpse of almost all her ads.

Please check the videos on You tube. For some reason they are blocked. If you can’t view the above video watch it at : “Jumping jhapak ad”

My quick reactions when I saw the ad for the first time and also the times when I unintentionally caught a glimpse of the ad.

  • Are all the people who are dancing mentally deranged or are they badly in need of money that they agreed to act in this ad ?
  • I had to tickle my self to laugh when the lazies (ladies) dance leading to an earthquake in the house.
  • The steps were quite boring to pay attention even when a curvy lady danced. For girls anyway there was no chance to pay attention with fat or confused or nerdy guys and uncles dancing to the number.
  • The 6th time it got relayed I wanted to stab myself.
  • The 7th time it got relayed I wanted to smash the TV. I cooled down by having a mojito and immediately changed the channel.
  • The 10th time I watched it keenly so as to get in to the mood to write this article 😛 Thats it friends. It was the last time I watched the god damned ad.
  • Yesterday I caught a glimpse of Anil Kapoor doing Jhumping Jhapak. Wondered why every one wants to look like a fool and turned off the TV! As a second thought I felt Anil Kapoor’s dancing style suited the ad 😛
  • May be Farah Khan could use these steps in her next movie “Sixer maar Saajid khan” :p

Lastly she is better than her brother who made an utter flop movie which few reviewers refused to review. This seems much more better as I reviewed . Yesterday incidentally I came across a “fakingnews.com article” which made me laugh out loud. It summarizes what I think

I am no dare devil or a king or super king. I have no affection towards any team. If you ask me which team I am supporting, I will say the winning team 🙂

Happy IPL season friends. If you don’t like the ad like me you must have enjoyed the post. If you like it . I am sorry . Don’t frown at me!Smile as you got the glimpse of your ad here !

 ***quickly running away and hiding ***

As far as I am concerned I will do Jumping Jack and stay fit rather than doing Jumping Jhapak!
So friends, Sirf dekhneka nai Comment maarneka 😛 (The actual tag line of the ad goes like- Sirf dekhne ka nai , Get up and jhampak jhampak- which means Don’t just watch. Get up and dance. I changed it for my convenience. Don’t just watch. Pour in your views and comments:)
This is my 10th post for  “A to Z blogging Challenge 2013” !

41 thoughts on “"J" for "Jumping Jhapak" – How much I hate it!

  1. apart from the cricket bit… I hate everything about IPL… infact I wouldn't mind for one bit if it were to shut down.. but sigh…

    about jumping jhapak… its got to be the most terrible jingle ever made for a sporting event !

  2. duh-duh-duh ! you made a whole post out of jumping japaak and then u tell me u don't like it. Gosh afshan . It is addictive – Period. ANd IPL is no fun if not for this jumping thumping things 😀
    BTW, i did like your funny take on it !

  3. Oho! You are very peeved with this ad! 😀 I like it a lot and it never fails to bring a smile. No, I dont dance on it, coz I CANT dance at all, but I love watching it.
    Sirf dekha hi nahi par comment bhi kiya! 😀

  4. Thanks for ur comment 😉 Ya the waay she says Abey naach is highly irritating to me Cynthia. Had to vent out at some place 😉 Thanks for dropping by . Glad to know you found humor in the post !!
    IPL indeed is a paise waala thingy

  5. hahhaa
    LOVE and HATRED in high magnitude can do wonders like this 😛 hehe !!
    Thanks for comment priya sreeram
    I appreciate u liked my post inspite of liking the ad 🙂

  6. That day i was driving and listening to radio, almost all channels got this jingle after every 2-3 minutes…Gosh it was irritating, I had to switch it off!!
    You are right…Anil Kapoor suited the style 🙂
    And less is said about movie making capabilities of Farah Khan or any of her close & distant relatives is better 😦

  7. God! I hate that ad. Don't know what's wrong with people. Makes me want to kill everyone in sight when I hear it. Gah!

    I like the cricket part of IPL and ofcourse watching SRK, but save that, I don't understand why people should be so put off with it. I don't know why they blame the celebrities, when the cricket biggies have turned it into a business, businessmen(movie stars here) obviously will want to invest, so what's wrong with that! People are so stupid!

  8. Yaar mera sar ye sochke chakra raha hai ki tumne in reality itna dimag lagaya is ad per!!! But i am amazed at your humor and creativity.

    I don't follow IPL anymore.

    Yaar your pointers are seriously good. I love your knack of humor.

  9. I think Jumping Jhapak ad is not that bad. A little funny that's all :D. I love watching IPL matches as they are short. If RCB is playing then I definitely watch the match to see Gayle hitting out 🙂 Kohli is cute too 🙂

  10. Very informative Afshan – the post is like “IPL” for NRI dummies 🙂 I'd been missing on the Indian entertainment scene for a good decade now – but the IPL hoopla does reach overseas. Are you a fan of SRK BTW?? Also, you have a great knack for writing comedy. Keep at it and keep us ROTFLOFAO – Cheers, Laxmi.

  11. 🙂 hahhaa THanks for giving a new title to my post . Sounds GOOD
    Yep I am a SRK lover
    Much on it may be on the “S” day
    heehe Thanks for appreciating 🙂

  12. @Preeti lta : hahha ya lagaana padha . Jitni baar ye ad relay hua na.. ITNA dimaag laggaya kya kare. Thanks for appreciating me and finding my humor LOL worthy

    @dianamusing : Ya few r finding it funny but I found it ridiculous some how. Not able to change my view ::-/ Ya Kohli is cute. I watch final match every year

  13. : ) hehhe Thum thumping thapak thats another killer line !
    Thats fine to earn via IPL medium but some times ppl r just there for the heck of it that bores me but ya celebrity touch ads that extra glamour to iPL

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