"Y" for "You all made it possible!"

I am what I am and I write what I can.
I was alone in this field when the journey began.
Slowly I gained speed and some times I ran.
I strived a lot to be one in the huge clan.

Like  the penguin of the happy feet I didn’t know my song.
Some times the posts are right and some times seem wrong.
I stopped stressing on the rhythm or a coherent beat.
I danced with my blog which was my only partner and tapped my happy feet.

You all slowly came along and I realised every one has their own music.
Playing your own song and enjoying it to the fullest does the trick.
The essence of “you” is lost when you are all set to mimick.
There is cement which strengthens the wall and to hold up a brick.

The wall of fame is a combination of compliments and brickbats.
Some times you sit a top like a humpty dumpty receiving many pats.
You feel royal and feel sunshine ,glitter and hue around you.
The world is in your fist and every thing you say feels wise and true.

The phase doesnt last long as some one pushes you from behind.
They may sense nonsense around and they are not the encouraging kind.
On those days rather than giving a piece of your mind it is always wise to turn blind.
Be strong like the wall on which you are seated and your place and pace you will soon find!

There are few who praise you to the skies and there are few who push you in to the valley.
There are few who don’t hesitate to call a spade a spade and pass on opinions genuinely.
And there are few who just let you be and be with you in your ups and downs.
They accept you and embrace you during your smiles , cries and frowns!

Those special few are always close to the heart which dances in a mood jolly.
 They praise you when you need it and correct you if you have done a folly.
 When you are short of words they make you laugh by cutting a joke silly.
 They dance to their own songs but they make you feel you are in their family!!

Thanks  to the  “A to Z”  challenge ! Poetry is my strength and I wanted to test it on the last but one day by writing a poem which is straight from my heart 🙂 Thanks to all with out whom the challenge would have been a bland one. Thanks to all the compliments and brickbats. More on the “Z” day . Till then cheerio !
This is my 25th and last but one post for “A to Z blogging Challenge 2013” !  Phew- A sigh of relief

40 thoughts on “"Y" for "You all made it possible!"

  1. I read in one of the posts that you wanted to get your poetry book published and yet I was wondering why are you not doing any poetry post in the A2Z ! Now we know…

    maybe next year you can have a ball with poetry 😀

  2. Afshan, you have expressed the journey of the A to Z challenge so well. I liked the imagery that the second line evoked. “I was alone in this field when the journey began.” We were all alone in the field, and gradually we realised as dawn broke that others were walking alongside us, and we befriended them. Our days all through this month have been enriched by these interactions.
    Thank you for this poem, girl. It expresses our thoughts so perfectly.

  3. Felt like dancing to the rhythm of this zany song 🙂 Am still tapping my happy feet around 🙂 You are so right . Poetry is indeed one of your strengths . You should write it more often 🙂

  4. I think I like these lines best:
    “You all slowly came along and I realised every one has their own music.
    Playing your own song and enjoying it to the fullest does the trick.
    The essence of “you” is lost when you are all set to mimick.”
    Isn't blogging world so utterly dynamic and varied? Congrats for completing AtoZ challenge. That is so tough–myself can never imagine going through it!

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