The "Small" Wonders!

World is big and everything embedded in it is a wonder.
We used to stop by every creation for a while and ponder.
Remember how we used awe at the sky and the thunder?
How we used to escape from mommy when we did a blunder?
Remember the pleasure of playing hide and seek in a huge play ground?
And the person you were searching was standing just around.
Do you remember the shouts and screams when he was found?
Remember the fights over silly things on a muddy mound?
 Do you remember the endless games even on a hot sunny day?
Remember the gentle breezes drying your sweat in a soothing way.
Remember the tender grass on which hours together you used to lay.
Remember the petals you used to collect when the wind swayed them away!
Remember the diary in which you preserved the petals even if they were wrying?
Remember how the petal held your name in capitals in your neat hand writing?
The preserved petals and the foliage dry up and the ink gets smudged.
So are the memories which in the diary are deeply submerged.
Today as the sky roared and the clouds exploded in to rain,
I remembered the beautiful memories and good old days once again.
It is strange how the rains and the memories are tightly intertwined.
The room holding the past in the brain opens up and the episodes unwind!
Past is the place to visit and not to live but the mind refuses to come back.
Appreciating every small wonder always should not be a child’s knack.
Tomorrow when you go out check the flower in its full bloom.
If you want your present will be exhilarating too. Do not let the past loom!
Stop by the garden when you feel down and smell the rose.
If you feel good about it write down a poem or prose.
Present becomes past in no time so remember to overcome the sorrow.
Moments spent today become beautiful memories for tomorrow!

This post is written in response to WriteTribe Prompt # 4

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 31. Four things!

The Day 31 prompt for May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life 31. Four things: Choose four things and take a photo. They can be anything. 

Phew ! I can breathe now . Finally the last prompt and the easiest of alllll. Thank god its Friday and thank God its over. I feel relaxed as I can rest and do some thing else now 😉 . The marathon of every day challenges ends for me as of now !

Coming to my four pics today, they are just random clicks. Who doesn’t like soft toys and key chains ? I have a penchant for them. NOT TEDDY BEARS though. Some how I never liked them much. I like different kinds of stuffed toys. I was mad about angry birds till some days back. My hubby got me my favorite red bird and also the yellow bird in the second pic. The one you see in between them is a character from “THE CROODS” movie by Dream works. Its name is belt. My husband got it at office when the movie got released. Perks of working at a creative place 😉

It is an adorable character. Look how he is trying to make angry birds- the smiley birds. The first pic is of\a key chain I bought in some exhibition . The back side of it has mine and Imran’s (my husband’s) names written on a rice grain ! The third pic is of a watch I got as a gift on my birthday last month. The last bouquet and the cute teddy were couriered to me by my husband when I had to go to Hyderabad on the valentine’s day. A teddy , bouquet of red roses and a hand written note which is so unlike him made me smile broad. No we don’t celebrate Valentines day. Hence it surprised me . May be he missed me :p!

angry birds key chain , stuffed toys, Birthday and valentine’s day gifts
Check out belt here –  If you havent watched “THE CROODS” do watch !

Ya I know its just four photos but had to flaunt our names on rice grain below 😉

My Instagram dashboard looks some thing like this ! I like it 

Thats all friends. It was fun to know you all through this challenge. Meet some other time in some other challenge. Till then cheers!


May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 30.Tool

The Day 30 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” – 30. Tool: A tool in the garage or something useful that helps you get through life. Perhaps in a cooking tool. Find one and share it.

There are many tools  and appliances with out which I can’t live. We are surrounded by machines and tools. We depend on them more than we depend on fellow humans. A mobile , lap top , stove , tread mill , T.V., , fan , AC . Phew ! If you think of it you will realize that your life will be hell even if one tool is missing in the list!
First and foremost tool/ appliance which I remembered is my oven with out which my life is sure is painful. For a simple cook like me oven is a life saver. I love my LG oven which conjures delicious food in no time. I am too lazy to spend hours on cooking . So, most of the times I boil vegetables or dal or go for grill at times 🙂  I love my oven
Can you guess whats cooking ? 😛
If you guessed it right you like me love maggi. Yes it is the 2 min maggi. Not exactly 2min but may be 6-7min if you don’t want it liquidy. 
Any one for maggi 😉 ?
One more magical tool with out posting which this challenge and my post would be incomplete is my Nikon – L810 camera. I went crazy clicking pics the day I got it. I used I phone for clicking most of the pics in challenge but for few special clicks I used my lovely Nikon!
Nikon and the first ever click by it!
Thats all for now folks! 

You only live Once

You want to learn dance and perform on the stage?
You just need to fly by coming out of your cage.
Dance needs a spark with in you and it doesn’t have any  age.
It only needs the spirit to dance, to enjoy and maintain the rage!
You want to excel and master your singing?
Go do it now. Can’t you see it is your true calling!
Sing and know your song. Tomorrow can never be today.
Your song might change your life. Start without any delay!
Do you want to get rid of the phobia of water?
Do something which you wanted to do with fervor.
Don’t just watch from a distance. Go dive in to the river.
You only have to face it to end the quiver!
You want to write a book and make people read you.
Start it now and wonder at what you actually can do.
Till you actually start something you will have no clue.
If you do not start, the to-do list will always be in due!
Life is surrounded by uncertainties, challenges and too much of fear.
Embracing your life like a friend gives you the unlimited power.
You can set your priorities and plan your to do list, now or never.
Once you start fulfilling your desires your life will be your lover!
Count your life not by the number of the years you live.
Count your life by the number of the moments you always relive.
It is your life and with it you cannot be nonchalant!
You only live one life which is enough to do what all you want.

This post is in response to Write Tribe Prompt # 3

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 29. KISS!

The Day 29 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” 29. Kiss: This is our charity prompt. We’re going to kiss MS goodbye. So wear red, or pop on some red lipstick and show us a ‘kiss’!

After reading on “Chicky’s blog” I came to know  that “Kissing MS good bye” means Kissing Multiple Sclerosis good bye. Click on the hyper link to know more . I thought a lot as I don’t have a proper click with red lipstick other than me in my red wedding dress and red lipstick. No I didn’t kiss the groom . I mean I didn’t click the pic of it 😛
After too many thoughts I remembered a pic I clicked in Nehru zooological park – Hyderabad . Thanks to FMSphotoaday group on FB which gave me too many ideas.

Taken through the glass window

They are not actually wearing red lipstick and their skin is green but a Chameleon changes colors right? So please imagine them in red and I left a red lip stick mark on the photo too. I patted my self for my timing that day! There was a glass barrier hence I was able to click otherwise Chameleons do give me goosies 😉

One more click which I initially wanted to upload is of me kissing Ayaan and Ayaan kissing his mom. Both are my favorite clicks. Here you go ! This was clicked in a house warming party. Not sure who is more mesmerized here ,me or Ayaan 🙂 The one below my pic is the click of  mama(the one in blue chudidar is Ayaan’s Mom) – baby kiss which is the worlds bestest kiss!

Please pray for the patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis !

May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 28. What you’re doing now

The Day 28 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” – 28. What you’re doing now: Choose a moment in your day and take a photo of it.

Ok this challenge is getting on to my nerves now. It is really charging on me like the DINOSAUR in the below smiley 😦  I questioned my self today as to what to reply to what I am doing now?

There are many possibilities you know. If I take the moment now I am actually typing for the post. Other than that I do anything and everything which every other person does. Irrespective of what I actually am doing the thing which I do forever with out any pause or rest is to DREAM! One should have dreamz unlimited is my life’s funda but sometimes my dreams are just crazy and can range from me entering a wonderland- Afshan in the wonderland and ruling that land to being a super woman- No not the elastic woman or the one who can shield the attacks from the opponent. I would love to see my self as the dangerously lovable woman who can charm others with an arrow. A lady cupid may be in a pink costume!

lol 🙂

 Don’t laugh. It doesn’t end there . As I would be the queen  obviously I would be treated royally. I would relish the royal cuisines. May be I will have a huge cup cake and may be I would sit on the throne wearing a crown embedded with flowers 🙂

Used piccollage to add the effects:)

Every one is happy in my kingdom. JUST LOVE and no WAR! We only spread pyaar you know. Ok I know this is a very cheesy line but every thing is allowed in a dream right. So Afshan and her people in the wonderland live happily ever after! If the prompts get more crazy I promise you to show the wackiest side of mine 😛

Till then you are saved. Have a good day!

Read it some where : 
One day Dreams asked Life : “When will we all come TRUE?”

Life smiled and answered : “ Never! Coz the day U all come true i will LOSE VALUE”

A poem I wrote ages back for some’s competition“Dreams Unlimited”

Few lines from the poem – 

I Dream of a fairy land. 

Me the fairest Fairy with a magic wand!

A genie all time ready for my command.
A life so colorful , bright and so grand!!

I felt there is a real magic world.
There are stories and mysteries untold,

 A kingdom which i ruled.

A warrior who can fight and be very bold!

A castle which is strewn with all gold.

When no owl arrived and nothing caught my hold,
I had to back off and my dream had to mould!

The first love!

Rahul was Seema’s first love but they didn’t succeed. Now Seema is married to Vinay and has 2 kids. Rahul returned from the U.S.A. and wants to meet Seema at any cost!
“I am in your city. Want to meet me?” asked Rahul. 
 “What if Vinay knows?”
“There is no need to tell him”
 “I am just scared Rahul!”
 “It is your call now Seema. I am staying in Hotel Marriott!”
Next day as Rahul was sipping tea in the lobby Seema walked to him in a red sari.
Her beauty and charm only increased with years”, thought Rahul earnestly.

Image source –“first love”

100 Words On Saturday
This piece is written for 100 Words On Saturday 11 Prompt: YOUR CALL hosted by Corinne at her blog EveryDayGyaan