May Photo A Day: DAY 1 – I bought this :)

I am just out of the hectic A to Z challenge and I guess my KRAZY nerves are tickled like never before. I was informed about this challenge by my blogger friend Shilpa and I thought I would also take it up. This is my first post for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life”

Today’s prompt is – 1. I bought this!: Share a photo of something you purchased, whether it be today, recent or something long ago.

Today I have two brand new things to show off. First one is a pair of daily wear sandals I bought just today. Black Bata sandals which are very comfortable and pretty . Below is a snap shot.

Second one is some thing “we bought” not just me 😉 I cant afford a car yet ! The below brand new TOYOTA “Etios” in red is brought by my dad and we are still amused by its beauty

Lets meet with a new pic tomorrow 😉
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15 thoughts on “May Photo A Day: DAY 1 – I bought this :)

  1. Nice sandals! It looks without or with low heels. I personally love those kinds. And are you wearing purple nailpolish? Looks good 🙂
    Congratulations for the car.

  2. Thanks Reema. It has very low heel. I shifted to low heels due to pain in my feel. Ya I also love them 🙂 ya its one of my fav colors !
    Thanks for ur comments

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