May Photo A Day: DAY 3 -This is really good!

The Day 3 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life is 3. This is really good!: Find something good in your life and take a photo. 
There are many things which make me feel good 😉 but after thinking for long I was able to short list 3 things which make me feel good and happy 🙂 

Rain for sure makes all of us feel good. The sudden drizzles in the scorching summer heat make me feel goooood ! Even now its cloudy in Bangalore.

Taken few days back. Rain from my kitchen window.
 Find the click at instagram— “Rain drops

Early mornings make me feel equally good. The silence when the whole world is refusing to wake up as the sun just starts rising makes me feel its my moment !!

Clicked from the same kitchen window
 early in the morning. At instagram – “Early morning”

Last but not the least as I am new to cooking if some thing I make tastes yummy it is a big achievement to me and makes me feel tooo good . Food is one thing which makes all of us feel good 🙂 Below is a pic of spicy chicken and Andhra style rasam made  by me on a weekend!

Chicken and Rasam. Find at Instagram – “Cullinary”

12 thoughts on “May Photo A Day: DAY 3 -This is really good!

  1. Hi Afshan! Love the morning pic! I can feel the serenity in the atmosphere from that pic.
    And I love how you've garnished the chicken with onion rings, chopped coriander and lime quarters. The color combination makes it a complete visual treat!

  2. I love rains too. Especially in summers. And early mornings are such soothing, thought-provoking Nature's gifts to mankind.

    That last pic is yummy-licious. Why, Afshan why….

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