May Photo A Day Challenge – Day 4 : In My Cup

The Day 4 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life is 4. In my cup: What are you drinking today?

A morning is incomplete to me with out a hot steaming cup of tea and biscuits . I have sore throat now and nothing else feels better than the “Ginger tea”. My pic for today’s prompt – In my cup is below.

Tea by “Me” 🙂 find at Instagram –“In my cup”

I am a born tea lover. I was actually waiting for many years to be qualified to drink tea . At some point my parents felt I was qualified enough and tea became a part of my life since then. My day is dull with out a tea and I am a chai specialist. I make all kinds of tea and I got a bunch of compliments for making “the best” tea. 

Tea time is the best me time to me as so many thoughts simmer in my head while sipping !!

18 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge – Day 4 : In My Cup

  1. My friend Jyo swears by Ginger Tea, and it works out best for her.
    In milky teas, Hyderabadi version of Irani Chai is my favourite. Alpha Cafe near Sc'bad station.

  2. My kind of girl!
    Why don't you add pepper since you have a sore throat. When I have sore throat, I put ginger, pepper, clove and cinnamon. Add basil leaves too.
    I am also always complimented for my tea. My husband does it every single day, every single time. I love it 🙂

  3. Ya am planning to have with elaichi in evening
    Feeling lil ok now 😉 THANK U!!
    Great …..I also make the best tea. My mom is surprised as I never entered kitchen before wedding

  4. Tea in a coffee mug 😛

    But yes I am totally Non Chai person!!! Used to drink in bachpan and then it stopped suiting me and quit drinking it!!!

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