May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 5 – Paper

The Day 5 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life is 5. Paper: Is it a bill? Newspaper? A letter or a heartfelt card you received? Find paper around you.

Where ever I see I am finding papers after seeing this prompt :-/. In the trash , in the cup board , at the door step (news paper) , current bill , telephone bill , Aadhaar card , pass port , the most important paper- the currency note and what not. It felt like I am sitting in the stack of papers but the one paper/ poster which caught my attention is below. 

The below paper poster adorns my tv room . I bought it at Connaught place- Delhi from a road side vendor. I love the guy in the poster. Any guesses who it is? I love what ever is written on it. It shows attitude in full bloom which is much needed many a times. I may not be always right but I am never wrong. My wrong has little right left in it even after uttering or doing it. That’s how I feel some times. After all wrong is the foundation for right. Wrong gives birth to right the next time you are saying or doing it. O.K. I don’t want to make this a lengthy post so here you go with the pic of the day below!

Dont we all think so ?! 😉

So recognized who it is ? I always think that if at all I adopt a pet it should be like Garfield. We have a ferocious cat at my in laws place which is full of attitude. It has its own den and is extremely lazy.It thinks of itself as a tiger which makes it more adorable. I love Jim Davis and I have Garfield books too 🙂

I am so glad I made this pic my today’s post. If interested in Garfield comics go to this site – to know more. Here is a comic for you all.
One more paper pic which I feel like uploading is Malaysian currency note – Ringgit. I hastily clicked it before spending and before getting currency exchanged in Singapore. The below one is a 10 ringgit note. Bank Negara means National Bank and they have the King’s pic on the note 🙂 1 Ringgit = 18 rupees (Indian currency) approximately! Have a good day all of you.

11 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 5 – Paper

  1. Its name is Moti (pronounced as mothi) . I will post its pic too when possible ! theres another missy which can be tamed but Mothi is king of the house 😛

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