Voices in my head!

“I can never calm them down. Other than me no one can hear them but they are actually nerve racking sometimes. They are soothing, disturbing and many a times they are just an incoherent buzz. From dawn to dusk they talk to me punctuated by the hum of the washing machine, beeps of oven , whistles of cooker, distant loud chatter and laughs and so on so forth. They guide me, misguide me, tickle me, bring a frown on my face but never leave my head. When I sleep I may be in smiles but my voices always travel miles”.

This is written for“100 words prompt on Saturday” by Corinne.

100 Words On Saturday

19 thoughts on “Voices in my head!

  1. Afshan, you're so correct. Many times, I get lost, talking to myself. At times I wish I could shut them up, and not confuse me; but at the other times, I'm happy that they're there 🙂

  2. its nice to have company! 😉
    That I'm not the only one with voices in my head!! 😀
    and they have such interesting conversations! 😛

  3. @Bhavzz : Really U can neither love or hate those voices all the time and they never cease

    @Nandana : Thanks dear

    @Pixie : Interesting or not interesting they r immortal 😛

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