May Photo A Day Challenge :13. Sunrise/Sunset:

The Day 13 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” is 13. Sunrise/Sunset: Choose one or both, and take some time to see the sun wake or go to sleep.

Its tough to take Sunrise pics as you have to wake up early but still I managed to take once in our resort in Jim corbett. One of the very few sunrise pics I have. There is some thing about sunrise and sunset which always fills hope. The sun sets and rises again next day which gives the hope to go on in life 🙂

The below one is an early sunrise pic taken at Jim Corbett.

Early morning followed by birds cooing
and sun lighting up everything around.

The below pic is of a magical sunset which happened at hima saagar water reservoir – Hyderabad. It is at the air port road. I felt lucky that day as I was able to visualize this rare salsa of sun and sky with water 🙂 Do check out.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

The individual clicks are below. Have a sunshine filled day. good morning all of u 🙂 and if sun is setting in the part of the globe where you reside good evening and good night !!

The glory trapped by human beings 🙂

This was a sunset in Jaipur!


The magical one again!

20 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge :13. Sunrise/Sunset:

  1. Lovely yaar. I was about to write which one was my most favourite but could not. They are all gorgeous. I have fond memories of Sunrises. Hope to do a good one today 🙂

  2. @Akhil , @Meena , @Smita : Yep magical one is truly magical 🙂 ! These r my best sunrise/ sunset clicks so far ! and todays theme is wonderful

  3. Wow! Just WOW!
    Even I couldn't decide which one was the best… they are ALL just awesome!
    And u got a sunset in Jaipur too! Brilliant!
    It's been a long long time since I saw a sunrise with my own eyes!

  4. Nandana : haha ya me too a biased hyderabadi but thats the magical of all clicks

    Chicky : Thanks alot. Ya that was clicked from a moving car on the way from agra to jaipur 🙂

    Suzy: thanks suzy . Ya I was lucky to click that one

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