May Photo A Day Challenge :14. Need"s"

The Day 14 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” is 14. Need: What’s a need in your life?

There are many things which I “need” in my life. The list is endless but some things can be pushed in to things I want list for now. The top most things which I need , which actually give me a high are represented in the below collage 😉 

Starting from top most left corner and moving towards right and down in clock wise direction. My mom ,dad – they both are my strength , my weakness and my back bone. I miss them a lot post-wedding. My family . My brother who was my first best friend and a pic again with my mom on a lazy Sunday. I love sitting , chatting and gossiping with mom. My FR.I.E.N.D.S.  They are god given siblings. Neither the distance nor the fights can keep us apart for long.The ones in the pic are Gulhina (from Krukshetra Haryana) and Ipsita from Mumbai.They are my best girl friends. Of course there are few more people but the size of the collage doesn’t allow many:) I need my camera and love it the most as it helps in capturing the memories and living in them at times. My husband and the love and smiles I share with him .My book rack which is my treasure trove. I can spend hours sleeping beside it with a book in my hand or on my lap. The pic to the left of  the book rack is clicked 2 days back in a friend’s wedding. Along with me is my friend Nandana. I don’t remember when we developed a close bond but once we became close there was no looking back. I love the silly jokes and anecdotes we share! The pic on top of it is taken in Agra fort – I need travelling to stay alive. Travelling to beautiful places rejuvenates me. The pic above the Agra fort is of Ayaan playing in the bucket. He is my cousin’s son. KIDS. Like I said in my ” previous” post they bring instant smiles ! A trip to Hyderabad is incomplete with out visiting him. 
Last but not the least the hub of the collage shows “me.”  I need and I want people , places , books and things around me but the me- time is most important of all. Self introspection , self-conversations are much needed many a times. Hence I need me which completes the list of things I need 🙂 This pretty much sums up the needs of my life.Ya some times there are one or two add-on’s.
Good day all of you!
Book Rack



🙂 Have fun !

32 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge :14. Need"s"

  1. Aww..lovely collage – I was meaning to ask you about Nandana – since I saw you both in your wedding pic 😉 How fun to have a friend blogging with you!?
    And, you are so beautiful!

  2. We need others. We need others to love and we need to be loved by them. There is no doubt that without it, we too, like the infant left alone, would cease to grow, cease to develop…. your collage of wonderful pics speaks of all this and much more! Good one, Afshan 🙂

  3. Hey, nice collage. Very beautifully put together. But I see a Nikon Camera, you did not write about it. Which one is this? Which lens? And you look very pretty 🙂
    I think you are the kind who make kids' favourite aunt.

  4. Gee…I'm in the collage, yay *happy dance*

    Seriously, thanks much for that Afshan, wish we had spent more time together 😦 Next time, next time…

    I too felt like putting a collage like this you know of all friends and family, was too tired :-/

  5. yep its ultimate fun to have a friend who can blog along with u 🙂 ! she actlly became a friend due to blogs 🙂
    THANKS for compliments blushing

  6. Jyothi : Thank U Jyothi

    Naina : Ya Me time tops the charts and also this frame. Kids r just needed during all the LOW moments

    Shilpa : Thanks for the elaborate comment shilpa. Agree to what ever u told 🙂

  7. @NANDANA :haha glad u danced 🙂 ! Ya wish we had 😦 I shud come for a leisure meet next time !
    The apps in my phone make it easy, making collages takes just 5min 🙂
    anyway good day

  8. Its a Nikon L810 – bought recently 🙂 Thanks for the compliments Reema.
    Really I do have an affinity towards kids and they too have towards me !
    Thank U

  9. ya u wonderflly described it – Ya if am nucleus they all r electrons and protons . Ya nourishing ones soul is PRIMARY req.
    bfully put chicky 🙂 Thanku

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