May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 15. 7 o’ clock

The Day 15 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” is 15. 7 o’clock: Whatever you’re doing at 7am or 7pm – share it!

What I actually do at 7 A.M. or P.M. depends on my mood , situation and patience 🙂 If I wake up early in the morning by 5 45 or 6 I would be in gym by that time but the cool lazy Bangalore mornings force me to switch off the alarm and I usually end up in gym by 7 : 30 or some times 8 or even 9. I watch TV only while eating or if I come across some thing interesting while browsing through innumerable channels. More than TV watching I do browsing. 

Anyway today I  was travelling in the bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore and it was around 7 by the time I reached home. As soon as we got down the first thing we did like we always do is buying “Nandini” milk packets from a vendor near by. As we both are chai freaks that’s the priority when the day starts 🙂 As and when I entered the house I boiled the milk. Of course I brushed my teeth before I did that !

Just about to boil

The image of boiling milk always feels good. Pasteurization is very much needed to preserve the milk and I have been taught this many times as my dad works in Dairy department 🙂 Even if you don’t have fridge at home boiling milk at regular intervals preserves it. In India boiling milk is a ritual on many festival days. We have 100s of sweet dishes which have milk as a major ingredient. As per my mom’s instructions I even boiled milk on the first day we entered our new home. It actually is a Hindu tradition but followed by most of the south Indians. The milk is allowed to overflow and spill over. This symbolizes that our new lives would be overfilled with wealth , health and happiness 😉 Once the boiling gets over the rest of it in vessel is used to make some sweet !

Below is my milk boiling pic at 7 A.M. today morning 🙂

17 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge :Day 15. 7 o’ clock

  1. And do u always manage to turn off the gas before the milk spills out?? hehehe at my end Once in 15 days I keep staring at the milk and exactly at the time when I shud be turning off the gas I just miss it 😛

    And loved this one of urs 🙂

  2. Now that you posted this, I am reminded of my own routine. When I get up, whatever time, I first go and boil milk for son. Because the moment he wakes up he will go whining for milk non-stop. So, I have to boil it and then cool it down.

  3. Oh! I didn't know of the symbolism associated with milk spilling over during boiling! That happens with me at least once in every 4 days! So… yeah u probably figured it out… my Dad took over the responsibility of watching milk while it boiled! [grins sheepishly] But I'll just go and tell him that's it's a good sign and that it means that our lives will be over-filled with health, wealth & happiness! 😛

  4. Nandu: Ya now it didnt spill over but many times i forget and run and on house warming day I purposely spilled it over and cleaned 😛

    Reema: 🙂 ya with kids it got to be ur routine I guess. thank u

    Chicky: haha now he must be lil ok even if u forget switching off at right moment 🙂 thanks for the comment

    Pallavi :Thank You !

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