May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 16 : MailBox!

The Day 16 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” is 16. Mailbox: Take a photo of yours, or someone else’s

Thanks to today’s prompt as I discovered that there is a mail box hidden in my apartment just beside the lift in a dark corner ;). A brand new one which is untouched and unused. I could find an old Deccan Herald news paper in it though!

After stepping out of the gym I keenly observed the surroundings but couldn’t find a mail box in the vicinity. In this digital age where even bills are paid online I guess many don’t feel the necessity to get one outside their homes . Just when I was getting disappointed my husband who came to pick me up said, “We have one at our apartment right ! You say that you have a very sharp vision :P,” he mocked. I remembered a Urdu proverb , “Bagal mein bacha gaaon me dhindora” which means you are holding the baby in arms but making a fuss searching for it in the town!

Thankfully my problem was resolved and I jubilantly clicked the mail box or post box in my apartment much to the amusement of onlookers. Watchman had that scary expression on his face as if the next thing I will do is plant a bomb in the post box. A man who was reversing his car looked at me as if I am stealing petrol from another car 😛 I ignored all the stares and happily clicked. I feel so glad when people don’t understand what I am up to 🙂 He was still gazing at me and I was happily checking the pics while pressing the elevator button. He for sure would have come to a conclusion that I am a GONE CASE! I don’t mind as today’s prompt ate my head !

effects added by Instagram and Piccollage

Thanks to the apps on my Iphone- Instagram and Piccollage. They are wonderful apps which assisted and are still assisting me to survive this challenge. They make even boring pics interesting. The empty mail box seemed sad to me hence I added the love stamp and an envelop sticker around the POST BOX. I added them as they reminded me my school and college days when I used to write hordes of letters to mom and friends. I used to make sure that the letter box at home was always full :). I used to do lot of  art work on envelops. I love making hand made cards. Even now I make them for mom. We all sms or chat on facebook or whats app and mail each other “if needed” but my heart is always trapped in that letter box. All the beautiful letters which sometimes were 8 pages long are preserved in a file at home. Phew ! Before I get drowned in the sea of nostalgia ending this post with a beautiful Telugu song which always reminds me the old letters and envelops!

In the below movie “Premalekha” the handsome hero Ajith and heroine Devayani love each other only via letters ! How cute and filmy is that. It was made in Hindi too the title of which is “Sirf tum” 🙂 In the below song they are expressing their love and also the empty feeling as they are not able to meet!

Letters always remind me the hindi movie Saajan and the heart warming songs. Aah the 90’s. sigh !

18 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 16 : MailBox!

  1. Ha ha…the proverb reminded me of Bol Bachchan's translation – Boy under armpit, hypercity noice pollution 😛 😛
    YOu are my twin aren't you? – I used to love making art work on envelopes and cards –
    Alvida – off to admire Ajith 😉

  2. Oh Afshan! I loved reading this. And just how beautiful you made that box! Letters and cards hold a special place in my heart too. I still have a bag full of cards that i got from everyone, especially Zingy, my sis! 🙂

  3. Nice post, Afshan. What a beautiful mail box your apartment complex has! I hope you find all your prompts and needs within arm's reach. I remember that film, Sirf Tum. I used to wonder how anyone could fall in love through letters. It certainly kept the Indian Post running.
    By the way, I just participated in a contest-cum-giveaway, hosted by my yatra diary, on my blog, and I have nominated you to participate too, if you are interested. Today is the last day though.

  4. Oye…your housing complex's mail box looks so neat…ours is actually least maintained…coz it has no usage…bills & letters come by couriers now which are delivered at home. 🙂 Lol on that petrol stealing part 😀

  5. Thanks for tagging me in the contest 🙂 I wrote it and feel good about it.

    And ya Sirf tum seems silly now. Those days I used to like it – In telugu. I never watched in Hindi !

  6. Ya ours is a new apartment. Just 3 months old ! Wait for an year. It will change colors too 😉 !
    Ya morning it was tough to click the pic. LOL!

  7. LOL! Even I have all my old letters still preserved. Filing them sounds like a good idea though… I still have them in their original envelopes, and they're probably going to get torn along the folds. And yeah… they WERE usually long. 6 pages was the average length of letters to friends back then, wasn't it? Pages out of old school registers usually.

    Oh and the handmade cards were such a craze too! Nahin to cards ke envelopes pe to art-work must hota tha! For some friends, every inch of space was covered! Smileys, quotes… all sorts of rubbish!

    You know what… you gave me the idea of some more Memorabilia posts on my blog! 😀 I'm going to scan some of those loony artistic envelopes and post them on my blog! 😀

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