May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 17 : Season!

The Day 17 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” is 17. Season: What season is it where you are? How can you share it in a photo?

 While many parts of India are suffering from scorching summer heat, Bangalore is immensely cool and romantic these days. Early mornings are extremely foggy and it drizzles in evenings for sure. The below pic is clicked at 6 A. M. in the morning on my way to gym..

Roads flanked by tall green trees either side and the fog make this pic beautiful!

The season we are in is pleasant. It is neither too hot nor too cold . It is just the way I love 🙂 I wish the same continues and monsoons relieve us more and more. By the way the season I am in can be represented by the dew drops on the flowers below too. I already posted this pic but still it deserves to be here and it is not clicked in Bangalore. Another pic which represents the season I am in is that of the yummy mango milk shake we made at home few days back. Mangoes are abundant as it is summer and who doesn’t want to sip a cool mango shake on a sunny day! Have a pleasant day all of you.
Mango Milk shake

10 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 17 : Season!

  1. @shilpa : Ya Bangalore drizzles r romantic ! Thanks

    @Smita : Thank You

    @naina : 🙂 Better lck next time. Thanks

    @Aditi : Ya I know abt delhi heat. Thank U !

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