May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 20:Light!

The Day 20 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” – 20. Light: Light makes a photo beautiful, so how can you play with it in your photo. Could you find a little sunflare, play with light inside or something else. Lets make magic!

As and when I read this prompt a 100s of pics came to my mind where I played with sun or experimented with Diwali crackers and simply clicked the reflections , candles so on so forth but for now I am choosing the below pics. The below one is taken on my reception day in Vizag. Don’t you think that the lights adorning the trees look like stars adorning the sky. This was a brilliant shot. It is not taken by me 🙂

This is the dining area of the function hall. I absolutely loved this shot 🙂

When I read magic in today’s prompt I remembered few clicks which were clicked long back. I stayed in Bangalore for a month as I was temporarily sent to a client office from Hyderabad in 2010. Me and my friend who are Harry Potter maniacs wanted to literally create magic on a boring Sunday evening after watching Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire for the nth time. We planned to play with camera flash and create certain spells 🙂 and watch our futures in the crystal ball. We succeeded to certain extent. We were so happy that  as we might finally qualify to enter Hogwarts ;)!!

Only getting letter from an owl is needed now:)

In the first pic my wand from the Ollivander’s. No. Don’t run away. Its not Avada Kedavara. I am just practising my patronus. Can you see it’s shape?? I always wanted it to be a dove some how;)! Me and my friend Manaswini checking our future using the art of divination. Not sure what was so funny in my future 😛 In the last pic I am engrossed. Looks like I am very keen to know what I will be doing in the forthcoming days. One thing I didn’t see that day for sure was the fact that I will be using this pic this way today 😀
Have a magical day!
PS: Sorry to all muggles / non- Harry potter folks if you felt out of place 🙂

27 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 20:Light!

  1. wow!!! All the photos are damn good and specially the one's where u n ur fren are experimenting!!!! Seriously some pictures that we are using now were not even clicked with a thought that they will be shown on a platform like this 🙂

  2. Can I just say that this is one of your best posts! Amazing pictures! Especially the HP set up, you and Manas look extremely engrossed and happy 🙂

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