May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 22.Change.

The Day 22 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” – 22. Change: This can be a hard one, so put your thinking cap on. How can you show change in a photo?

I changed a lot in a decade. A decade- my God!! I didn’t realize when it got over. 2002-2012 just flew and I entered twenties from teens and as the clock is ticking I realize even thirties and forties will hit me 😦 I feel scared at times thinking of all the things I want to , need to and plan to do ! One of those things is for sure travelling and travelling a lot.

Today I will talk less and share a magnificent pic taken during one such travels. I went to Agra in the summer of 2010 and went again in winter 2012. Below pic shows the stark difference between Taj in summer and Taj in winter.
Wah Taj!

Nope I didn’t modify the pic. You can clearly see the fog in the second pic. The magical and mystic Taj was invisible till we approached it where as in the first pic you can see the bright Taj basking in the sun light. Actually Taj remains intact. It is the season which plays with it and shows it differently. I wish I went to Taj on a full moon night. People say its a treat to eyes. The luminescent stones will shine and you can get lost watching it. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay to watch it. Even the ticket price shoots up during the full moon it seems. One more speciality of Taj is the VIP seat. Lady Diana, Musharaff , Aishwarya Rai and many others adorned it. 

I am not  a fan of Aish but still feel like sharing the below pic which I like a lot.

and no points to  guess that one more person adorned it. Check it out in the below pic 😉
Taj mahal always surprises me. Even the second time I visited I keenly observed the surroundings and enjoyed the intricate designs ,patterns and symmetry. It surely is a wonder! I wrote a post on Taj few months back with few more pics. If interested  read at-“The beautiful and controversial Tajmahal”
“To the mahal of the Taj– Say oye Say Oye  Say oye
To the minar of Kutub –  ——
To the kumari of Kanya——–
To the panjim of Goa- —– Say oye Say oye”
we all just wanna say , we all just wanna say “——– I hope I got the correct lines. Remember the continuation of this song ?? This used to be our engineering anthem and an anthem even now 😉 Let me know if you recognize it. 

28 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 22.Change.

  1. Few years back when I took my kids to the Taj Mahal, they asked…”Is this it? You said it is so beautiful and grand. It is neither.” Yes, it has lost its charm.

  2. Waah Taj indeed!
    And yeah, I remember the “VIP seat”… my ass has adorned it too once upon a time. 😛
    Must have an old printed pic somewhere in the house…
    Will try to find it when I get time 😀

  3. Wah Afshan waah!!! 😀

    Taj is nothing without its minars!!! And this central position where most of the photographs are taken make it look so beautiful. But sadly the monument is losing its whiteness 😦

  4. shilpa: Thank U Thank U -twice 😉

    Naina : Thank U . Ya its so tough to get a perfectf click and so blissful when u click one 🙂

    Jyothi : Even winter was not too cool when I went in Nov. It was just foggy and sunny

  5. Ya it slowly is losing charm. Not sure how it was b4 but I still loved it.
    Even when I went second time there was some repair going on 😦 and a section was closed

  6. Your take is refreshing. And the fourth picture lady is so pretty 🙂
    I also want to see so many places. I have been to Agra. But I was quite young, not old enough to appreciate why Taj is so revered. I also loved the Agra Fort at that time.

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