May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 23.PJs.

The Day 23 prompt for “May Photo A Day Challenge : A challenge that will change your life” – 23. PJs: Pyjamas, we all wear them? {Except you nudists!} so share them. Please.

You will laugh if I say I groomed my feet with extra care and applied nail polish to just click for today’s prompt. 😛 I usually wear them before I sleep . Do not wear them regularly though- doesn’t mean I am nudist :P. I am not particular about wearing Pyjamas before I sleep. I am in anything which is comfortable enough to sleep. Some times if I am sleep deprived I can even sleep on the floor wearing ^_^ ^_^  anything and everything ahem :p  .Today I am wearing them since morning and yawning as I am continuously feeling its time to sleep 🙂 Anyway below is the pic. I didn’t want to put a high resolution pic of my polka dotted retro pyjama and scare you all. Hence modified it a bit on instagram and PicCollage!

“The tender touch of a pyjama makes me feel I landed on a flower.
The way it lulls me makes me feel it is my lover.
The pyjamas do not make me fly or give me any super power.
But they make me write this silliest poem making me a clever!”

Clever or not clever I can’t believe I wrote a poem on Pyjamas today. Don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me. You can for sure throw a pyjama party though ;). it is the bestest party. I would be glad to join!
Happy day all of You!

13 thoughts on “May Photo A Day Challenge : Day 23.PJs.

  1. @Shail : Hehe thanks !

    @Rainbow Hues : 🙂

    @Shilpa:Thank U shilpa. Ya from may 1st my craziness doubled :p

    @Meena : Thank U

    @JANU: sleepy and U liked it. ya its like a lullaby :p 😀 Thanks

    @Smita : Its fun searching the actual thing in midst of lot many other things :p

    @Chicky : Hehe . Click on it. It will expand. I was scared kahin mere komal charnon ko nazar na lage :p

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