The first love!

Rahul was Seema’s first love but they didn’t succeed. Now Seema is married to Vinay and has 2 kids. Rahul returned from the U.S.A. and wants to meet Seema at any cost!
“I am in your city. Want to meet me?” asked Rahul. 
 “What if Vinay knows?”
“There is no need to tell him”
 “I am just scared Rahul!”
 “It is your call now Seema. I am staying in Hotel Marriott!”
Next day as Rahul was sipping tea in the lobby Seema walked to him in a red sari.
Her beauty and charm only increased with years”, thought Rahul earnestly.

Image source –“first love”

100 Words On Saturday
This piece is written for 100 Words On Saturday 11 Prompt: YOUR CALL hosted by Corinne at her blog EveryDayGyaan 

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