The elusive me- Catch me. Yes you can :P

The one thing which seemed most difficult in my life was getting married. I am not sure how people finally decide to get married! I wondered and still wonder seeing all the lovvy dovvy talks. Yes I am a big time SRK fan and I love watching romantic movies in all languages but LOVE was something which seemed too unreal to me. I was against marriage for some days then when I saw that all my friends were getting married so easily I started pondering. Still I was not convinced as to why should I marry? Why should I bear kids? Just for the heck of adding branches to the family tree? I was not sure. I banged my head. I rejected many and also got rejected by some due to my outright attitude. I did not fall in love. I should say I was not bold enough to take few steps! Marriage seemed like a ghost haunting me where ever I went with people questioning when will be my D-Day ? Why am I rejecting so many etc etc. 

At some point I lost interest in even checking the boys’ pics. Yes mine was a typical arranged marriage. Then one fine day Imran came in to my life. No I was not head over heels on him. The first thing which attracted me was he came all alone to meet me and not with a battalion. I opened up for the first time with a guy easily. I was still not sure if I should say yes. I mean when is the right time to say YES? He asked me numerous times in phone if I am absolutely OK with this match. He requested me to take time if I need. I took a month or so and said “Yes.” The things which made me say YES were – I felt I can talk to this person and listen to him. I felt we can be good friends. His patience specially with a girl like me was something I badly needed: P but ya marriage is for sure not a bed of roses. Even roses have thorns. There were moments of frustration, exhaustion and sometimes a strange feeling – why am I living with a stranger? Simultaneously there were moments when I missed him, when I felt it is tough to live with some other guy and he fits me- Then as clichéd as it may sound I felt may be I am in love . I still am not sure if it is love or something else but I hope the bond grows and relationship blossoms. It’s been a year of roller coaster ride and I am still learning what is a marriage? Below are the videos I made for my wedding website 🙂 Obviously I was on high then 😛 Hope you are able to watch the shared videos !


I have been with this awesome group of indibloggeshwaris from 4 months and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I can’t easily list down what all elusive stuff I did in the last year. After wedding most of my time went in settling down and tasting the sweet and sour soup called marriage hence I posted about the new chapter in my life but still in this post I am trying to highlight few things abstractly.

Write Write and Write

I started writing a lot only after my wedding. I didn’t have much time juggling between office and home and lazing out on weekends. Actually I might have been too lazy to bother about my blog too. But as I was on a sabbatical I got ample of time to explore my writing skills. I am extremely glad about it. I wrote stuff in an year which I didn’t write even in 5 years of my blogging tenure. Thanks to ” Blogging from A to Z challenge” I recently took up in the month of April and also” May photo a day challenge”. Both challenges catapulted me out of the writer’s block and  I could be myself again. Who doesn’t want to get noticed for something they love to do ? When many said they enjoyed my writing I was on  cloud 9. I was surprised by myself. I wondered how I am slowly progressing in small steps.

Content writing opportunity.

I worked with an e-magazine for 2 and ½ months. Though it was not an extremely satisfying experience I can say I learnt a lot. I learnt the pros and cons of a writing job. I enjoyed what all I wrote. I am waiting for an opportunity which suits me. No luck yet! I enjoyed writing to various magazines throughout this year and I am hoping to harness my skills more and come out with flying colors. Wish me  good luck!

I read books which were in my to-do list from long. As I enjoy writing movie reviews I used to submit for . Being a movie buff I realised I analyse movies in an interesting style. People enjoyed my reviews and some used to actually wait for them which is a huge success to me! I still write my reviews for various magazines. The two books which influenced me last year were “Tuesdays with Morrie” and Khaleid Hosseni’s both books.  I read less than I wanted to. I am really hoping to plan and target more books this year.

 If I add more to the elusive list it might get corroded. Lastly I want to thank Alka Gurha who blogs at –“Freebird” for adding me to this awesome Women’s group. I will not lie so there were even moments when I felt I didn’t belong there. I mean I was just 4months old in the group and it was a hectic task to know many people. There were even moments when I felt I might not be able to talk to few but all in all the experience was fruitful. Many even if they were strangers came to my rescue when needed. Their suggestions, ideas, discussions and ideologies and last but definitely not the least their humor helped me a lot. A special mention to” Vinita Bahl” here. She can make a grave situation funny and leave everyone in splits! Cheers to many other ladies whose HQ- Humor Quotient made the group a happy and a happening one.This awesome women’s group helped me in knowing about marriage and various experiences as well . Thanks to A to Z challenge too which helped me to interact with many bloggers and make friends. I am looking forward to have a rocking time ahead and hope we celebrate silver and golden jubilees too!
Cheers to all of us.

I love the new cover pic made by Garima but I used to love the old one a lot too. Therefore happy anniversary to all the ” indibloggeshwaris “. I wish you all reach the zenith of success in whatever you do!

Lastly Thanks to “Corinne” and her “Write Tribe”. I am hoping to make a difference with every one around me. Taking liberty to share a pic Corinne shared on the group today 🙂 Bye till we talk on the group !

38 thoughts on “The elusive me- Catch me. Yes you can :P

  1. Wow! Afshan! This is such a cute, sweet, beautiful, thoughtful, and an apt post.

    I am going through exactly the same situation when it is the question about getting married. Don't know how long more i have to wait. 😛 lol@ the accompanied by a battalion.

    A-Z has been like a blessing to me. How else i would have found you and other amazing people!

    It is so nice to know that you have got the opportunity to experience working as a content writer. I know you have even been published in quite a no. of good magazines. Keep it up.

    A very happy b'day to our very own IndiBlogeshwaris. We rock together. 🙂

  2. Pleasure to read this Afshan! Bless you and may your love grow. More books, did you say? That pleases the voracious reader in me. 🙂


  3. ya we all face same torture when we become of marriageable age set by our elders and all 😛
    ya a-Z was big milestone in my life too. GLAD I CAME ACROSS U <3

    I worked for a short duration. Was a good learning experience
    Thanks for reading Preeti

  4. ya I love them too. I worked my ass off to make them even during a tight time schedule 🙂
    Thats my engagement lehenga . Made this before wedding for the website and invitation 🙂
    THNKS roshni

  5. You list has intimidated me Afshan… Reading about what you have to say has made regret that I had to miss the A-Z challenge due to my commitment to creating awareness about child abuse. But then it was good cause and needed to. Keep the ball rolling 🙂

  6. Yep cheers to all of us. Nice videos Afshan – enjoyed watching them. I enjoyed the AtoZ as well and I'm glad I got to know you. Happy writing.

  7. Afshan, I loved your post and the videos too, so cute! You know, the photographer did not land up on my wedding, and I have only a set of amateur photos taken on hot-shot cameras by cousins etc. Maybe I could do something on these lines, but very creatively challenged!

  8. Really 😮 Tat must hav been a shocker. Ya u shud totally make a video like this chatty
    TRUST me its very easy. get a set of pics and windows movie maker will do the rest 🙂

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