The Client Review!

” I am sorry Peter. I over looked that bug in my module.”

“But how could you be so reckless John? Now I have to deal with the client side right?”

“I am really sorry Peter. If you can give me two days time I will be able to fix it.”

“How can I give you two days time John? Client review is to noon!”

“Give me a while Peter. I will see what I can do!”

* After 2 hours *

“Hello Peter. I identified the solution to the bug but it has dependency on Samuel’s module. So I can fix it only if he comes to office.”

“But Samuel is on sick leave right? Will he be able to come?”

“I am not sure about it Peter!”

*After an hour Samuel  who is suffering from severe cold and fever comes to office and fixes the issue*

They all join a conference call.

“Hello Peter,” says Samuel in a hoarse voice.

“Ya Sam. I am so glad you came to office in such a short notice. A big thanks to you buddy!”

Photo Credit : MorgueFile

“Aah. Its OK Peter. I have fixed my issue and discussed all the changes with John. I really can’t stay for long in office. I am sure John can handle the module now!”

John: “Yes Peter. I understood the steps. I will submit the module in an hour.”

Peter: “Bravo! Thats a great job team. Please take a day comp off Sam and good luck John. I appreciate the  dedication and flexibility of your team.”

Saying so Peter ended the call.

The above scenario is quite natural in corporate offices specially in IT companies. Reviews, codes, bugs and testing the whole life revolves in this vicious cycle which never ends 🙂

This is in response to WriteTribe prompt.

28 thoughts on “The Client Review!

  1. Aah.. The famous Bug that came to play only when I was on a break/Holiday.. Now,now when was my last holiday?
    Afshan..U captured it perfectly. . Well written 🙂

  2. Ah,I can relate to this though it's been a while. Indeed bugs, system crashes have a nasty way of happening just when the person who can deal with it best is not available. Murphy's Law. 🙂

    Nice way of portraying a typical situation in an IT company, Afshan.

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