Music – "The language of God"

I heard the first rain drops splashing the Neem tree.

A new song rose in my heart in a mood joyous and free.
Music is in the running river and in the waves of the sea.
The rhythmic horns make the music and even the buzz of the bee!
There’s music in the sounds of a dense jungle and in the chirping birds.
The cooing of a pigeon and the song of a cuckoo is melodious.
Music flows across the boundaries uniting us in one religion.
Music is a part of the soul giving us a new vision!

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Music along with poems and beautiful rhymes.
Flows in to the heart and is double faced at times.
It either gives you pain or it takes your pain away.
Music has the power to play with your emotions and just stray!
A sudden silly smile or a thought with a frown on face.
Music often brings back the good old days.
Music is god as it is immortal and rules the minds.
Music can play the tricks on us of all kinds!
The moon lit sky is music to our eyes.
With music world seems so beautiful and nice.
The voice of our loved ones’ is music to our ears.
A single word can dump all our fears!
No one rules anyone in the kingdom of music.
All are under the charm of this magic.
Music brings all strings together.
It rocks our life with a bang forever!
Music needs no words to touch your heart.
With music jubilant is any one’s day’s start.
Music makes you travel to places across the globe.
Music puts on you a thinking cap and makes you probe!
Music knows no boundaries or a language.
Music releases the feelings trapped in a cage.
Music speaks the unspoken words.
Music is the universal language of all folks!
This post is written for Indiblogeswari’s #ThatTuesdayThingy  – an attempt to challenge ourselves and to go that extra mile and tell our tale 🙂 !

The above post is written in response to the below “Time Traveller”  video by Rahul Sharma. Listen to this soothing music and have fun !

28 thoughts on “Music – "The language of God"

  1. Its true indeed. A good melody takes you away from this world. At times gives the wanted soulful moment of introspection.

    I've always believed that Music is the Language of souls, the said and written come much later.

  2. संगीत को समझने और समझाने की आपने बहुत अच्छी कोशिश की है. सच में संगीत दैवीय होता है. संगीत किसी के भी मानसिक स्तर को बदलने की क्षमता रखता है. अच्छी पंक्तियाँ

  3. Beautifully written Afshan…. this piece happens to be my favourite and am having a blast reading the various interpretations of it…

  4. Music knows no boundaries or a language.
    Music releases the feelings trapped in a cage.
    Music speaks the unspoken words.
    Music is the universal language of all folks!

    I love this verse 🙂

  5. thanks Preeti
    I shared few lines from the poem few days back on FB on june21- world music day. May be u read them thr 😉
    thanks for dropping by

  6. @Harshal : Music truly is language of souls 🙂 Thanks for the bful comment

    @Neeraj : thanks for the comment 🙂 Took me a while to read in hindi but bful !

  7. how beautiful the post sounded, it augmented the music of time traveller. And with your words I flew too, on a musical journey that had already set in with the video previously

    lovely poetry 🙂


  8. “Music needs no words to touch your heart.” So true! That's why I love all types of music. Music speaks to me whatever the language be. Your passion for music shines through 🙂

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