From "Post-Card" to a "Wall-Post!"

Gone are the days when we used to write to each other.
We used to jot lines on a postcard for our mother, sister or a brother.
That coin spent on an envelope or a postcard was precious.
It always was fun to use a pen and write which lead to unlimited happiness!

The postcard always fell short for what all we wanted to say.
We laid emphasis on few words by underlining or overwriting was also a way.
We filled the margins and edges with words and rarely abbreviations.
Words reflected our feelings, thoughts and emotions!
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Our handwriting used to be tidywhen we put the pen on the paper sprawled on the floor

After hello, how are you we used to reduce the size of letters to accommodate more.
The words made us smile and think of the other person’s reactions on reading it.
We never forgot to use emoticons at the end of sentences, which ever fit! 

We used to anxiously check the calendar estimating the day we would be getting the letter.
When post-man used to ring the bell we were in smiles and always felt better.
A birthday card from a best friend with “open with a sweet smile” note always lifted our spirits.
We used to create our music and sang happy songs with our own lyrics!
Today as telegram is getting extinct everyone wants to reminisce the olden days.
They want to send one to their near and dear as a memorial before it parts ways.
We no longer write to each other or even make a courtesy call once in a while.
It is always a facebook ping or we chat or whats app message on the smartest mobile!
From wild to dirty to lame jokes we can share everything on our blog or a face book wall.
From a 10 year old to an eighty year old every one adds you to their list to be your pal.
Universe condensed and fell in your wrist and along with it our feelings have also condensed.
We seek help from unknowns and the friends we know are near but our hearts have distanced!
Image source : “here”

We share a status of mishap or a calamity seeking support from every corner of the globe.
The actual responsibility of thinking and cleaning up the mess is in someone else’s scope.
We crib, cry share and make a mess of the messy happenings yet again.
We strangely feel we have done a good deal and have lessened the sufferer’s pain!
The little postcard or an envelope meant something to someone on some day.
Wall posts, blog posts mean something to many on any day.
Our lives were more private and personal few decades back.
We now announce everything with utmost priority and knack!
This post is not to discuss past V/s present or to guess if future will be a curse.
It is to express the fact that we always love the old times and feel present is worse.
Times change, things change and people always do.
The person who doesn’t change is the conscious one in you.

This post is in response to a contest hosted by Corinne, at WriteTribe. In this week’s prompt we need to write a piece/a story/ a poem incorporating the following 7 words in random order : 

  •   postcard
  •   coin
  •   tidy
  •  wild
  •  help
  •  calendar
  •  responsibility

27 thoughts on “From "Post-Card" to a "Wall-Post!"

  1. While this took me down the memory lane and brought some smiles it also gave a lot of food for thought too. Good one for the prompt. All the best for the contest, Afshan. 🙂

  2. That's a nice one for a memoir. I was actually the one who'd love writing long letters. Postcards were never a thing with me. But I guess postcards have their own charm…. Like Nandana I liked the last lines too “Times change, things change and people always do.
    The person who doesn't change is the conscious one in you.” Good luck for the contest.

  3. Loved what you did with the words! So beautifully written! It took me on a journey of my own, I had forgotten those days when we actually wrote letters and then waited for days for the reply to reach us.

    All the best for the contest!

  4. I can't remember any recent times when I actually wrote a letter, and yet in my school days, that was the main way to keep in touch with school friends during the holidays!

  5. @Nandana : THanks a bunch buddy. U know I thought a lot before finishing that last line 🙂 Am glad U liked it

    @Rainbow Hues : Thanks Kaajal ! ya I used to write long long letters too.. some times I started writing for my cousins in the bus or train soon after I left them. It used to be FUN ! thanks fr liking that line

  6. ya now that we r used to online talks and chats its so tough to go back. In a wy online communication is a life saver !
    thanks I Romanticize 🙂

  7. @roshni : to just keep that spark alive I keep writing letters even now Roshni ! Ya in school days I have many inland letter and envelp memories
    I still hav them stacked 🙂

  8. Wow Afshan. Lovely take on the prompt, it really was a walk down memory lane. Like you said, there is no point in comparing, times change, things change and so do people.
    Btw, I LOVE the new look of your blog 🙂 🙂

  9. I recently got a letter as a birthday wish… and it was truly awesome to read someone's words in their own handwriting….:)

    All the best for the contest! 🙂

  10. I recently got a letter as a birthday wish… and it was truly awesome to read someone's words in their own handwriting….:)

    All the best for the contest! 🙂

  11. There's something about a handwritten card – the connection we make is more personal. I think it reflected the essence of the person that is now lost online. Great post Afshan, very well thought through and written.

  12. Hi Afsan, your wonderful post has brought several memories to the fore. How much we relished to recieve a letter from near and dear ones. Now even a post man is rarely seen. How life changes, but we remain the same ! the last lines of your post are SUPERB!!

  13. I have not felt so much love as you've written in this for receiving mail the old fashioned way. While we were more with-holding and private with our lives, but we know more people now 🙂

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